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5 Steps of the Research process

The research process includes the identification, assessment, and analysis of information that you need for answering research questions. Undergraduate or master’s students face difficulty in performing the research for the first time. They have a question on how to start the research process. In this article, our expert research team is providing you with the complete guidelines which will help you in understanding how to start the process of research?

Research Process

Before developing an understanding of how to start research you need to first understand the meaning of the research process.

Research process meaning & Importance

The research process is a procedure that emphasizes accomplishing desired Objectives. It is the process that includes the collection, analysis, and interpretation of information for reaching objectives.

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How to start the process of research?

When a student is asked to write a Thesis or Dissertation, they often have a question that is from where to begin?  You need to start the research process by identifying of Research topic about which you want to gain knowledge. Researchers can select the current issue as a topic for performing research. You can perform a preliminary investigation, as this technique will help you in identifying the problems in the real world.

Based on your topic you need to design research questions. After that, you need to select an appropriate research design. In the next step, you need to write a research proposal where you should provide a detailed plan of research.

The 5 steps of the research process are:

Step 1:  Selection of the topic

It is an initial step of the research process; here you need to make a selection of research topics.  In this step, you need to generate ideas. Researchers should choose the research topic according to their interests.

It is always advisable to select such a topic about which you already know. You can read newspapers, articles, books, etc. By reading books, newspapers, etc. You will be able to address the problems which are faced by society in today’s world.

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After identification of the topic, you should do the reading and you should do preliminary research on the topic. It is the tactics that will provide you with ease in narrow downing the topic.

After having access to an article that consists of relevant information about your topic you should then check the reference lists.  After identification of the topic and completion of searching sources.  You should find the debates related to your topic of research.

Tip: You should ensure that topic which you are selecting is practical.   It is also very much important for you to consider the time and resources that you will need to research a particular topic.

Before the finalization of the topic, you should execute a preliminary investigation to address the sources from where you can gather information about the topic.

Step 2:  Identification of the problem

At this step of research, you need to define a research problem.  There are two types of issues that you can select for performing research practical and theoretical problems.

The practical issues can be related to any processes which are not working properly.  The theoretical issues can be associated with an unexplored phenomenon.

You can establish objectives for contextualizing issues.   At this step, you should write a problem statement. While defining the problem statement you should explain people who will get influenced by a specific issue.

You should also specify the contribution which you can make to society or a specific field by performing research on a particular topic. Researchers can also demonstrate the consequences of failure to resolve issues. It is through the tactics by applying that you can show the importance of performing research on a specific topic.

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Step 3: Formulation of Research questions

It is a step you need to write research questions. When designing the research question you need to think about what you want to achieve. At the time of the formulation of research questions, you should mainly emphasize description, comparison, evaluation, and explanation of the research problem. You should write specific research questions that you can answer easily and in a limited period.

Some researchers design complex research so that they could conduct an in-depth study. When designing the research question you should also think of the type of research you are going to perform. There are a few types of research where at this step you will need to create a theoretical framework. You also might be asked to formulate theories or concepts for testing.

Step 4: Formulation of research design

This is a step where you select a design for your research process. Research design is a framework that will help you in answering research questions.  It involves making a judgment about the type of information you want to collect about a specific topic.

In the 4th Step, you are also required to determine the research methods that you will use for the collection, analysis, and interpretation of information.  When making a selection of the specific research design you need to consider the timescale and location of the research. The different types of research designs are experimental, explanatory, exploratory, descriptive, etc.

At this step, you can also determine the alternative process of answering research questions.  You should choose the research design based on your priorities. It is a step where you need to decide whether to collect primary or secondary information. You should also decide which technologies such as the qualitative or quantitative research method you will use for performing research. You are requiring making decisions about the process you will perform for the collection and analysis of information.  You should also provide detailed information about the techniques you will utilize for the selection of participants.

Step 5:  Writing a research proposal

After successful completion of all the above steps, you need to write a research proposal. It is the research proposal through which you can represent your main objectives, content, and plan.  By writing the research proposal you can also demonstrate the relevance of your study.

The following things you need to include in the research proposal are problem statement, research objectives, questions, literature review, methodology, etc.

It is the literature review section in the research proposal which will help you in demonstrating the way research on particular topic matches existing literature.  In the research design section, you should include the approach and you also need to provide a detailed description of how you will proceed with your study. After writing the research proposal you need to get the draft of the research proposal to get approval.


From the above 5 steps of a research paper.  It has been found that conducting the research process is a very time-consuming and difficult task. Another fact that has been found is that identification of the current issue can be helpful in getting research approved by the professor.

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