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Selection of Topics for research

Selection of Topics for research is the first challenge that student faces before starting an investigation. Many students pursuing undergraduate or master’s from universities in Ireland feel frustrated with the Selection of Topics for research. An expert team of Ireland assignment help has provided procedure in this article for helping students in searching for good topics for research. The selection of topics for research is very much essential for smoothly facilitating investigation.

Selection of Topics for research

There are a few things which you should consider while Selection of Topics for research these  are:

  • The requirement is stated in college or university guidelines.
  • Field of interest and knowledge
  • Relevancy of research topic
  • Availability of sources for gathering information
  • Time and length of the research paper

If in case, you have not done research before, it can be quite difficult for you to begin choosing topics for research.

How to Select ResearchTopics – Step By Step

  1. Analyzing the requirements
  2. Choosing a broad field of research
  3. Reviewing books and articles
  4. Finding niche
  5. Considering the type of research
  6. Determination of relevancy
  7. Ensuring the research topic is plausible
  8. Taking approval for the topic

Let’s look at the detailed explanation of the procedure and Steps related to the selection of topics for research:

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 Step 1: Analyzing the requirements before selecting the research topic

Analyzing the requirement of college or university is important. In the first step before making a selection of a research topic, you should review the guidelines provided by the professor. It is the tactics that will help you in determining the scope of investigating a particular topic. While reviewing the university guidelines you need to mainly emphasize on following things as

  • Minimum and maximum word count
  • The time frame of research
  • Does research have a professional or academic orientation
  • Any specific conditions related to the methodology specified in the guidelines

By considering all the points above you will find a limited list of topics for research. You can seek assistance from your tutor in making a selection of topics for research.

Step 2: Choosing a broad field of research

While selecting a topic for research you need to first identify the field or subject in which you are interested. For instance, a broad field of research includes different fields such as:

  • Economic history
  • Literature
  • Online marketing
  • Health policy

You should select the topic for research about which you know. It is not at all compulsory that you should have in-depth knowledge about the topic. If you have little knowledge about the topic then also you can select it for performing research.

Step 3: Reviewing books and articles

You can read books and journals as this will help you in the identification of current issues. Some sites such as Google Scholar and university library sources can be utilized for searching topics for research.

Step 4: Finding a niche

At this step, you need to narrow down your field. It can be considered to be a gradual procedure. It is a step where you need to have some backup ideas.  At this step, if you do not find your existing topic to be good enough,  then you can make the selection of a new topic for research. After that, at a later step, you need to concentrate on research questions and problem statement

Example of narrowing the topic

Economic history- UK economic history- United Kingdom labor union history

Marketing- online marketing- social media marketing- Social media engagement strategies.

You should select such a topic for research on which a few research have been conducted. If in case you select a specific topic on which a lot of investigation has been performed then in such a case it can be quite difficult for you to prove its relevancy. But while making a selection of topic for research you need to ensure that enough amount of sources and information is available.

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 Step 5: Considering the type of research

This is a step when before making a selection of topics for research you need to consider the type of research which you want to perform.

Determining the type of investigation you need to perform is very much important. This factor has a significant influence on the selection of topics for research.

While deciding to accumulate original facts you need to consider that it is a Quite time-consuming activity. If in case you have limited time for research then in such a situation you can analyze the existing literature.

There are different types of research, you might intend to execute such as:

  • Collection of original facts (field or experimental research)
  • Analysis of already available data (Public records, national statistics)
  • Interpretation of cultural records (methods or theories)

For instance / Example

  1. if you have chosen post-war Irish poetry then you might interpret poems.
  2. if in case the topic chosen for research is reproductive right in Southeast, then for that you need to Perform analysis of public policies. You can also collect information about the same by analyzing news on media.Survey and survey technique can be utilized for collecting original facts.

Step 6: Determination of relevancy while selecting topics for research

While making the selection of a topic you should make sure that it is interesting. Besides that, you also should ensure that the topic which you have chosen is relevant in all aspects such as academically, practically, and socially.

A. ) Academic relevancy: Extending up to which specific topic was chosen could help in filling the knowledge gap.

B.) Social relevancy of research topic: It means that the topic which has been selected will help in developing an understanding of social change and society.

C.) Practical relevancy: it includes the extent to which findings of the investigation are applicable for solving complex issues. You, to ensure that the investigation which you are performing is relevant, should make a selection of topic which is directly linked to the present problems. While defining the problem statement it is very much important for you to clearly state the relevance of research on a specific topic.

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 Step 7: Ensuring the research topic is plausible

Before making a final selection of the topic for research you should reconsider the length of your research paper.

You need to also think about the time frame and practicality of executing an investigation on a specific topic.

While making a selection you need to make ensure that you have easy access to sources from where information about a particular topic can be gathered. It is always advisable to select such a topic about which you are very much passionate.

 Step 8: Taking approval for the topic

There are many courses such as PhD, Masters, or undergraduate programs where you need to submit a detailed description of the topic you have chosen for research. Students can have discussions with tutors or seek advice from professors related to the selection of topics for research.

Here are some factors you should consider

When picking a topic, keep these three things in mind. Although all three variables are interconnected, concentrating on each one separately can help you handle the topic’s strengths and flaws.

Appeal:- The enticing power of evoking a sympathetic stimulated response from the audience is known as an appeal. Your audience will have preconceived notions about you as a speaker and the cause for which you are speaking. We all crave novelty and find anything interesting, attractive, or appealing that is not part of our daily lives. The melting ice cream used in the discourse on global warming is a nice illustration.

Appropriateness refers to a topic that is particularly suited or compatible with the interests, expectations, norms, or customs of your target audience. Everyone will have preconceived notions about the roles and results of your speech. Some may be seeking knowledge, while others may already be familiar with the subject and wish to learn more. You’ll need to communicate with both the male and female members of the crowd.

Ability: to perform is defined as either an inherent aptitude or a learned skill. You may have a natural aptitude and knowledge base to use to your advantage if you have a lot of prior understanding of flying, obtained during years of experience being at the controls of an aeroplane. If you’ve never travelled before, you may need to acquire knowledge and go to an airport to be able to explain the topic at a skilled level of understanding.

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