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Shortening Dissertation Abstract

Writing a short Dissertation abstract is very much important to develop a positive impression on readers’ minds.  College-going students at the time of writing the abstract section in the dissertation exceed the word count. They also struggle to shorten it. In this article, our dissertation writing professionals are providing you with a guide that you can use to shorten an abstract and make it more concise.

Shortening Dissertation Abstract

How to shorten the abstract in a Dissertation?

Below are a few techniques that you can apply for shortening your Dissertation abstract are Avoid using Passive Sentences

The use of passive sentences makes the paragraph lengthy. You can make it short and clear by changing them into active voices. Transformation of passive voice to active voice can be done by rewording. In simple words, you need to place the action before the verb. While drafting the sentences you should only use active words.

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a) Transformation of passive voice to active voice


Passive (X)ü   Active
The care is painted by smith.Smith paints the car.
The data management is tested by the respondents.The respondent tested the data management system.
The hypothesis is confirmed by the research results.Research results confirm the hypothesis.
A half answer is provided through Swot analysis.Swot analysis provides a half answer.
In the suggestions sections, solutions to particular issues are offered.Suggestion sections include a solution for a particular issue.
The qualitative and quantitative research methodology is utilized for investigation.An investigation uses both quantitative and Qualitative research methodology.

b) Eliminate the noun style

The use of nouns in a sentence makes it long. The inclusion of a noun makes sentences difficult to understand.  Instead of using a noun, you can use a verb for drafting sentences.


Noun style (X)ü  Verb style
The research report includes a definition of the term.The research report defines the term.
Research results were supportive of the theory.A research result supports the theory.
 An Entrepreneur decided that the business strategy should concentrate on increasing profitability.An entrepreneur decided that the strategy should focus on increasing profitability.
Tourists should reduce the use of plastic bags.Tourists should use fewer plastic bags.
This approach has resulted in an improvement in the health of the patient.This approach has enhanced the health of the patient.

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c) Don’t write long sentences

At the time of writing the abstract, considering the length of their dissertation students increases the word count of the abstract by writing long sentences.  It is very much important for students to develop an understanding that the abstract is the section in research that might have a separate word count.

Therefore students should review the guidelines of the university before starting to write abstracts for research papers. You should avoid elaborating construction by including unnecessary sentences. It is very much essential for you to write short but highly impactful sentences.

Unnecessary Example Short and Strong Example
A Majority ofThe majority of Politicians felt that…..MostMost Politicians felt that…..
As a result ofThe interview was canceled as a result of illness.Due toThe interview was canceled due to illness.
At all timesSmith must guard against a relapse at all times.AlwaysSmith must always guard against a relapse.
At presentResearch on a particular topic has great significance at present because…NowThis research is presently crucial because……..
Be ofPresident thinks that law should be adoptedBelieve, thinkThe president assumes that the law should be adopted.

d) Don’t repeat sentences

You should read your abstract aloud might help in discovering the repetition that you had not caught before.

Replacement of nouns with pronouns and integrating two sentences into one are often easy techniques to shorten the dissertation abstract.


With repetition (X)ü  Without Repetition
In the conclusion of the study, it can be determined that… The study demonstrates that…
The research result represents the HRM strategy which has an adverse influence on the satisfaction level of employees.  Workers stated thatThe outcomes represent that HRM strategy has an adverse influence on the satisfaction level of workers. They stated that
The research results are obtained through a survey. These test results are analyzed with the help of SPSS.The results of the research are analyzed using SPSS.

e) Avoid detailed description

In the abstract, you should not provide background information in detail. At the time of writing an abstract, you should keep in mind that you need to keep your summary short.

Detail description Summary
Arc Ltd is founded by Jackson in the year 2015. It is a retail organization that intends to fulfill the needs and demands of customers by providing them with Qualitative goods or services. Arc ltd company objective is to fulfill the demands of customers by providing them with quality products or services.
The value strategy which the company is presently using is not effective in achieving objectives.  A value strategy is a plan which the organization implements for providing a high-value proposition in comparison to competitors.The current value strategy adopted by the organization is not effective.
The product mix which indicates various products which enterprises deliver to different markets is completely based on the production capacity of ABC ltd.The product mix strategy of the enterprise is dependent on the Production capacity of Arc ltd.

Inclusion of main Elements

You should only include the main points in the abstract, as it will help you in maintaining the length of the specific section in the Dissertation. 

Formatting techniques for Abstract

  •  Your study topic, research questions, participants, methodology, results, data analysis, and conclusions should all be included in your abstract.
  • You might also mention any potential implications of your research as well as any future work that you perceive as being related to your findings.
  • Your abstract should be one paragraph in length and double-spaced.
  • Typically, your abstract should be no more than 250 words long.

Best way to write an abstract with an example

When writing a thesis, dissertation, research paper, or submitting an article to an academic journal, you will almost always be required to include an abstract. The abstract should always be the final thing you write. It should be an entirely separate and self-contained work, not a paraphrase of your paper or dissertation. Someone who hasn’t read your entire article or any associated sources should be able to understand the abstract on its own.

The most straightforward way to write an abstract is to mimic the format of the bigger work—think of it as a mini-dissertation or research article. In the majority of circumstances, this means that the abstract should have four crucial aspects.

Step 1: Make a list of your objectives.

Begin by stating your research’s goal explicitly. What was the question you were attempting to answer? To describe exactly what you set out to do, use verbs like examine, test, analyze, and assess.

This section of the abstract can be written in the present or past simple tense, but it should never refer to the future because the research is over.

The association between coffee consumption and productivity will be investigated in this study. (False)

The association between coffee consumption and productivity is investigated in this study. (True)

Step 2: Explain how you went about doing it.

Then, describe the approaches you utilized to respond to your query. In general, this section should be a one- or two-sentence summary of what you did. Because it refers to accomplished actions, it is frequently written in the past simple tense.

With 25 individuals, semi-structured interviews will be done. (False)

25 people were interviewed in semi-structured interviews. (True)

Don’t analyze validity, barriers, or restrictions here; the purpose is to offer the reader a rapid overview of the overall strategy and processes you utilized, not to give a detailed description of the methodology’s merits and drawbacks.

Step 3: Write a summary of your findings.

Give an outline of the research’s major findings. The present or past simple tense can be used in this section of the abstract.

According to our findings, there is a clear link between coffee consumption and productivity. (False)

According to our findings, there is a clear link between coffee consumption and productivity. (True)

According to our findings, there is a clear link between coffee consumption and productivity. (True)

You may not be able to add all of your findings here, depending on how long and involved your study is. Make a point of highlighting only the most important facts so that the reader can comprehend your conclusions.

Step 4: Make a final statement.

Finally, express your research’s key conclusion: what is your response to the research question? The reader should be able to understand the major argument that your research has proven or argued in the end. In most cases, conclusions are written in the present simple tense.

We concluded that drinking coffee boosts productivity. (False)

We concluded that drinking coffee boosts productivity. (True)

If your study has significant limitations (for example, those relating to sample size or techniques), you should describe them briefly in the abstract. This allows the reader to appropriately assess your research’s reliability.


It has been concluded from the above article that writing a short abstract is very much essential for providing a clear understanding of the main content of the dissertation to the reader. Another fact that has been found above is that the use of active voice sentences can help write a shortening  Dissertation abstract.

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