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Textual analysis method use in Research

Textual analysis is considered the most crucial method, particularly in literary studies.  College-going students studying research often face issues in analyzing and interpreting information. In this article, our expert team of Ireland’s assignment help is providing the complete guideline about textual analysis.

Textual Analysis

Before developing the understanding of textual analysis you should first gain knowledge about what is text in research.

What is text?

Term text can be referred to as a piece of writing such as a book and e-mail. But in this context, a text can also refer to as an object whose meaning and importance of the subject which you want to interpret detail.

  • The methodology which is utilizing for analyzing a text is dependent on the object and intention of analysis.
  • An analysis is a short story that emphasizes imagery, narrative perspective, and structure of the text.
  • For analyzing a film, dialogue as well as cinematography along with the sound can be relevant for analysis.
  • A building may be analyzed about its architectural characteristics and the way it is navigated by visitors.
  • When applying the textual analysis is applied to the written language you need to consider the broad term text and how you can involve different methods.

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How do you do textual analysis in cultural and media studies

In the field of culture and media, textual analysis is considered to be an important element of research. It is a broad term for different research methodology which researcher use for describing, interpreting and understanding texts. When making a selection of techniques for performing textual analysis you should consider the aim and field of investigation. It is the textual analysis that helps you in connecting the text to a broader political, social, artistic and cultural context.

At the time of working with different theoretical frameworks an investigator intends to integrate various components of their texts with problems in contemporary culture and politics. You need to analyze the different aspects of the text such as

  • Choice of words
  • Design elements
  • Location of the text
  • Target audience
  • Relationship with other texts

Textual analysis is considered to be as creative. It utilizes a qualitative approach.  An investigator intends to illuminate something about the underlying cultural or social context of the cultural object on which they are performing an investigation.

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Textual analysis in social sciences

In the context of social science, you can apply textual analysis to different texts like interviews, surveys and transcripts.  Social Scientists generally utilize textual information for drawing empirical conclusions about social relations.

You can utilize a Quantitative approach for performing textual analysis in social science research. An important characteristic of texts is that it can be measure in numbers. For example, an investigation performs to analyze how often words are repeated on social media posts.

Thematic analysis, discourse analysis and content analysis are few techniques that you can utilize for analysis of text.

Textual analysis in literary studies

The textual analysis is considered as the most important technique that researchers generally utilize in literary studies.  It is the technique that mainly includes an in-depth analysis of content or text in the research paper.  The textual analysis has mainly focused on analyzing the construction of different elements of a text. For instance, rhyme. About textual analysis you need to first develop understanding and provide an explanation about the contribution of different elements in extracting meaning from the texts. It is very much important for you to develop an understanding that all the types of literary studies do not involve discovery about the intention of the author. Besides focusing on discovering the intention of the author you need to identify a potential relationship between different texts.

Literary analysis: example

Roland Barthes’ S/Z provides an in-detail structural analysis of a short story  which is written by Balzac.


It has been concluded from the above that textual analysis is the best technique for analyzing text. Another fact which has been found from above is that textual analysis is a creative and qualitative approach used during the investigation.

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