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Explanation of Theoretical Framework for Dissertation

A theoretical framework is a structure that helps in systematically performing research. College-going students at the time of preparing a dissertation for the first time face issues in creating a theoretical framework. In this article, our professionals are providing you with proper guidance to do a theoretical framework for dissertation writing.

Theoretical Framework for Dissertation

The theoretical framework in the Dissertation is a summary of theory related to a specific problem which is designed by reviewing existing research on different variables. Researchers design different theories for explaining the phenomenon, reaching conclusions, and forecasting. Conclusions are written based on existing knowledge, ideas, and observations. About the dissertation, a Theoretical framework is a place where you need to provide definitions and have discussions and evaluations of different theories related to research problems. It is a place where you also require providing an explanation of key concepts, models, and beliefs that guides the research project. Here, you also need to demonstrate the way your work is supported by established ideas.

Characteristics of a strong theoretical framework that demonstrates the reason why a specific approach is very much effective in answering research questions.  The theoretical framework of a Dissertation provides a proper basis for interpreting and understanding the relevance of research Findings.

What is the purpose of the Theoretical Framework?

After analyzing Problem Statement and Research Questions you need to explore theories or models which are designed by other researchers.  After that, you are required to present the information to design research. It is also very essential for you to justify the overall approach. The main purpose of the theoretical framework is to:

  • Explain key concepts
  • Perform evaluation, select and integrate different theories
  • Explain your beliefs and expectations.

The theoretical framework demonstrates that the study consists of a proper rationale which is a design by the researcher based on existing knowledge. The model which a researcher selects helps them in getting the proper guidance throughout the research project.  The theoretical framework section of the dissertation provides a basis that further supports analysis and provides students with ease in the interpretation of results and makes broader generalizations.

How to create a theoretical Framework?

You are required to theoretical framework; you are required to follow 3 steps:

Step 1. Identification of key concepts

In the initial step, you need to select key terms from the problem statement and research questions. The Theoretical Framework of the dissertation includes a proper definition or explanation of concepts.

 Example of Sample problem Statement and Research Questions

An organization is facing issues in retaining its online customers. Many of company clients do not return to make subsequent purchases. Management in an enterprise intends to gain the loyalty of customers and perceives that customer satisfaction will play an important role in accomplishing objectives. You are required to emphasize the problem, statement, research questions, and objectives.

Problem: Many clients of the organization are not making subsequent purchases,

Objectives: To gain customer loyalty and generate more revenue.

Research Questions: Analysing the way customer satisfaction can be improved.

Here, it is very much important for researchers to clearly define the concept of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. You should define customer loyalty and customer satisfaction in a theoretical framework.

Step 2. Definition and Evaluation of relevant concepts

By writing literature, you can determine how other researchers have defined and drawn connections between these key concepts. As you write the theoretical framework, you aim to make comparisons and make a critical evaluation of the approaches that different authors have proposed. After discussing different models or theories. You need to provide definitions that are best suitable for research. In more complex research projects, you need to integrate theories from different fields for building a unique framework. You must ensure to mention the most crucial theories related to key concepts. In case there are well-established theories that you don’t want to apply in your research. It is very much essential for you to explain why a theoretical framework is very much suitable for your purpose.

Step 3. Show what your Research will contribute

Instead of discussing other people’s theories and ideas, you should intend to demonstrate your project in a Dissertation theoretical framework:

  • Will you test a theory or contribute new evidence by collecting original data?
  • Will you utilize theory as a basis for the interpretation and understanding of data?
  • Will you analyze, and critique established theory?
  • Will you integrate theoretical approaches in a new or unique way?

If relevant, you can also utilize the theoretical framework for developing a hypothesis for research. A hypothesis makes a testable predictor of the result of a particular study. While the theory is the overarching explanation for why and how specific outcomes happen in general.

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Structure of the Theoretical Framework for Dissertation

There are no specific rules to structure a theoretical framework.  You must create a clear and logical structure. One technique to do this is to create your research questions.

For instance, you can create paragraphs that look at the individual question, or hypothesis. In each question, you need to explore the theories and models which are relevant to a particular item.

As in other parts of the thesis, it is very much important for you to ensure that citations are properly done. Doing citations or references are very much essential for avoiding plagiarism.


It has been concluded from the above that the theoretical framework in the dissertation consists of the definition of key concepts. Another thing that has been found from the above is that creating a logical structure of the theoretical framework is very much essential.

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