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Sample of Theoretical Framework

Theoretical Framework in a Dissertation is a very crucial concept in research. Students studying research subjects in college or university often face issues in preparing theoretical frameworks. Our professional team of Ireland Assignment help is providing you with a sample of a theoretical framework that will help them in creating a proper framework for the dissertation.

Sample Theoretical Framework

Sample Theoretical Theoretical in Dissertation

A sample theoretical framework in a Dissertation consists of important concepts or theories. It also involves a discussion of relevant theories and models based on the literature review. A strong theoretical framework of a dissertation provides the researcher with a scientific basis. It also helps in demonstrating the understanding of existing knowledge related to a particular research topic. It also enables readers to make evaluations of guiding assumptions. A strong theoretical framework also provides the researcher with proper direction for conducting research. It enables the researcher to properly do interpretation, provide explanations, and generalization of research findings.

The Research Question, Literature Review, and problem statement in the dissertation provide the foundation for the Theoretical Framework.

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 Sample problem statement and Research Questions

Arc organization is facing an issue that there is a continuous decline in its clients making frequent subsequent purchases online. Business entity intends to gain customer loyalty and they perceive that initiatives taken for improving customer satisfaction will play an important role in accomplishing goals.

The researcher for studying the problem has made a decision related to concentrating on the following such as the problem statement, research questions, and objectives.

The problem statement in the above example is a continuous decline in several customers making subsequent purchases of goods or services offered by the enterprise.

1.) Objective: About the above example, the main objective of the organization is to gain the loyalty of clients by providing them with valuable goods or services.

2.) Research question:  How an organization can provide a high level of satisfaction to its clients?

3. ) Sub questions:

  • What is the relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty?
  • How loyal and satisfied are customers of the products or services offered by the company arc?
  • What factors influence the loyalty and satisfaction of company Arc online customers?

Both the concepts of customer satisfaction and loyalty play an important role in research and they can be measured at a later stage of the study. You must define these concepts in the theoretical framework.

Example of theoretical framework in dissertation

An example below demonstrates the way you can provide a description and make a comparison between definitions and theories from literature. In this example, the researcher is mainly concentrating on the concept of “customer satisfaction”.

2.1 Customer Satisfaction

According to the opinion of Jackson (2005, p. 70), customer satisfaction can be referred to as the belief or thinking of people which is developed consciously or unconsciously by making a comparison between experiences and expectations.  It has been argued by Kotler, who thinks that you can determine the level of customer satisfaction by analyzing the extent to which a person is happy or disappointed with the observed phenomenon. Below or an average performance leads to a high level of dissatisfaction in customers. It has been argued by Bitler (2018) that customer satisfaction is a fulfillment of inner response by consuming specific goods or services. According to the opinion of Jameson (2019), customer satisfaction is a judgment that a feature of goods or services provides a pleasurable level of consumption-related fulfillment.

As per Jackson both the so-called value proposition and other influencers influence final customer satisfaction. In his satisfaction model, Thomason demonstrates that word of mouth, personal requirements, experience, marketing, and public relations determine customer needs or expectations. These variables are compared to their experience. It is a comparison between experiences and expectations determining customer satisfaction level.

In the present study, the researcher will utilize the Theory of Thomason. According to the author, customer satisfaction is a reaction to the experience gained by customers. There is no difference between conscious and unconscious differences in their definition.  Arc organization claims in its mission statement that it intends to sell not only a product but also feeling: as a result, the unconscious difference will play a crucial role. The definition of Thomason is, therefore, more relevant to the current study.

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Thomason’s Customer Satisfaction Model

The Thomason model is very crucial in this study, as it can reveal both that is what level of organization customers are satisfied with and where improvements are very much essential. As per the Thomason model both the value proposition and other factors has a significant influence on the level of satisfaction that customers gain by consuming goods or services offered by the company. In this model, Thomason has put much emphasis on the needs of clients, word of mouth marketing strategy and past experiences, etc. It is the difference between experience and expectations which will help the researcher in determining the level of satisfaction gained by customers.

You need to analyze the concepts more thoroughly and make a comparison of additional definitions to each other. A researcher can discuss the theories and ideas of key authors in greater detail.  They can provide several models to illustrate different concepts. It is just critical which is critical that you correctly cite all of your sources throughout the theoretical framework.


It has been concluded from the above that the sample theoretical framework consists of important theories and concepts. Another fact that has been discovered from the article is that the theoretical framework provides research with proper direction for conducting research.

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