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Child Health and Wellbeing for Children and Babies

A preschool is a place where growing children learn and develop many skills. Through playing many different and innovative games, children would learn many intellectual skills, and also there will be the development of their brains too.

There should not be any expulsion of children from preschool as preschool is an essential requirement for the proper development of a child under the age of 3 to 5. Ways to promote children well being is one of the most common topics, so in this handout, we are going to give you a brief description of this topic with an understanding of how to promote health and wellbeing in a nursery.

Ways of Promoting Children's Health and Wellbeing

Ways of Promoting Child Health and Wellbeing

1. Focus on child Behaviour in early years and Deal with Care

It is commonly seen that most the expulsion is due to a breakdown of the rules, fighting with other children, or hurting other mates. But removal from preschool is not the right way to deal with these situations. It is required by the teachers or caretakers of the children to look after their daily schedule. And try to find out if there is any issue in the life of children that will force them to do such things.

Teachers must pay special attention to the suffering children and help them to come back from that issue. As suspension leads to lower the student’s confidence and he or she will face academic failure in their future life.

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2. Plan an activity to promote emotional well-being and own setting

For a better life, people must interact with others. It is being taught to developing children in preschool life through social and emotional learning. This learning help preschool children in the development of their intellectual skills. After developing these skills, it would be easier for them to make friends and stay away from bad people.

Also, in this way, they enhance their talking skills. Children should develop the habit of making friends and resolving conflicts. Nowadays, many doctors, professors, and even parents are concerned with hyperactivity, the inability of the child to follow directions, or children’s attention deficit disorders. All these can be treated by prioritizing social and emotional learning.

3. Not be a barrier to their health and nutrition

It is generally noticed that the teachers behave differently toward children of various races, gender, caste, and colour. Many children have been singled out by their teachers in the classroom. It creates an inferior complex in the children and would stop their overall development.

Sometimes expulsion based on a different race, caste, and gender is being observed, which is not acceptable. This discriminative way must vanish from our society for the better development of growing children. Developing children are the backbone of any country’s overall development. So there should not be any barrier to their well-being and nourishment.

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4. A healthy lifestyle is directly linked to good sedentary habits.

It is a common factor that should be instilled in the students during their childhood days. Good sedentary habits are directly related to a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes due to the lack of taking an education or some irregular expulsions, children are left behind from indulging in such practices. Every child should have at least the necessary sedentary behaviour like wash hands before starting eating, brushing teeth before going to bed, and more.

Even the teachers have to understand that they must keep their focus on every single child and take appropriate positive measures if required. Instead of expelling them out of their school or class, they should adopt other actions through which they can learn and develop a positive attitude towards hygiene.

5. Physical activities

Every student learns to do the work in which their physical strength is involved along with their mental toughness. Physical activity can take any form like exercise, games, acting, etc. When teachers expel the students, they not only hinder their spiritual growth but physical as well. Teachers can also punish them through some physical activity through which children can learn as well.

During their childhood days, children are more active than adults, and people torturing them affect their overall development. It changes their mind, which somehow takes them towards a cynical world where they can never indulge themselves in a healthy and active lifestyle. Teachers have to take their students toward an active lifestyle through regular physical activities.

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6. Investment in consultation on mental health

Suspension or expulsion from the preschool is not an excellent solution to the problem of children who do not follow the directions, break school rules, and even hurt other mates. There seems logic, but this is not the correct way to deal with children.

Teachers should be cognizant of the concepts of children’s health and wellbeing in the early years and work accordingly. They must keep a watch over children and observe their activities. Teachers must invest their time in consultation on the mental health of the children. It would help the children to cope with the problem.

By investing time in the mental health of the children, the condition of the students can be improved, and they will happily live their future life. Discouraging children from preschool learning would only ruin their next life and demotivate them from further developing their skills.


Expulsion and suspension are not a solution to teach students a lesson. Through these children may lose their morale and suffer the result for a lifetime. Other effective ways that are defined in the handout should be appropriately adapted to give a healthy lifestyle to your children.

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