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How to Cite the Appendix in an Essay

Supplementary writing, along with the main work is an appendix. Before students of Ireland learn how to write an appendix in an essay, they should know the meaning of the appendix. Step by step learning method is one of the best ways to grab complete knowledge about a particular topic. So keeping in mind the need of students to know more about the appendix, here in this handout everything they should know about it gets described.

To make things easier learn many convenient ways to write an appendix in any writing have mentioned below. The Dublin students must read this handout with a hundred per cent attention so that every single point should be clear in their minds.

What is an Appendix in an Essay

If students do not pay the required attentiveness, then they are not able to engulf each point of the topic in their brains. Students should not write an appendix in all writings. There are some conditions and circumstances where scholars would choose to write an appendix in their essay.

Also in this handout, all the situations where one should prefer to write an appendix have been mentioned. Irish students cannot miss even a single point of this handout if they want to know everything about the appendix along with how to write it. Students find writing an appendix is a cumbersome thing.

However, in reality, it is not difficult. If one understands the central concept behind writing an appendix, then it seems to be more comfortable than thinking.

Writing an appendix in an essay

Extra information that students of Ireland will write at the end of the essay writing is known as an appendix. Dublin students can also say that an addendum is the raw material of any document which has been written at the end or sometimes suggested by the supervisors.

After understanding its definition, students must know the need to write an appendix and how to write it. For a more comprehensive knowledge of the topic, Irish students can prefer to write an addendum. It is not a compulsory part of any essay. Its importance increases when students of Ireland wish to give additional information about the research to the reader.

Sometimes, students write it when it becomes difficult to add that information to the main body of the writing. By writing an appendix in the research, the concept of the readers regarding the topic would be more cleared.

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Is it necessary to include an appendix?

An appendix will go at the end of your essay or report. All items that are placed in an appendix must be cited in the body of your essay/report as Appendix. If there is more than one appendix, distinguish them using letters or numbers e.g., Appendix A, B, etc.
If a reader wished to refer to additional information not mentioned within the text but referenced through appropriate footnotes, they could turn directly to this section and look up those figures in their time frame instead of having it disrupt their reading flow by stopping every other paragraph for reference material.

When composing the appendix, decide what you want to add.

After understanding the definition of writing an appendix, it is time to understand what to include in the appendix. While students of Ireland are writing the appendix, then some points must be remembered by them. For a persuasive essay, each aspect of it must be attractive. So here are some tips regarding the appendix in essay writing mentioned, which will help scholars to write a practical appendix.

Since Dublin students know that it is additional information; hence, not everybody is interested in reading it. Some people find it useful, and other does not. The content which Irish student has written must support the main body content. Students of Ireland must remember that the points which are not necessary to mention in the main essay have been written here.

The extra point should never be mentioned in the main section because everybody is not interested in knowing these points. Thus dedication of the readers to the essay would decrease.

There should not be any problem with writing an appendix because Dublin students can write it in paragraphs, points, chart form, pictorial methods, and diagrammatic way. Irish students can represent the appendix in any of the desired shapes.

In APA format, how do I reference my sources for an appendix?

The APA Publication Manual provides no explicit guidance on how to cite external sources used in appendices. The APA style, on the other hand, supports retaining all mentioned sources in a single reference list. A smart approach is to reference your source information in your appendix with an in-text parenthetical citation, just like you would in the body of your work, and to include the source in your References section’s alphabetical list with everything else.

When there is a murky area in the handbook, such as this, it is often a good idea to check in with your instructor to confirm that your approach is in line with their expectations.

When citing an appendix in your article, use the term Appendix to refer to a single appendix. If your paper has an appendix, you should refer to it in the text. Add letters to differentiate your appendices in the order they occur in your text if you have more than one. “Please read Appendix A for more information on educational results and Appendix B for the questionnaire used to collect student responses,” for instance.

Why don’t we add an appendix to the main text?

At this moment, it is almost clear to the Dublin students why an appendix should not include in the body of the assignment. If not, then do not need to worry, here it has been explained why one cannot write it in the central part. The answer to this question is that as students of Ireland know the appendix contains extra information.

So everybody who is reading the essay is not at all interested in knowing all this. Thus there are possible chances that these readers will lose interest in the whole piece. This will leads to the wrong impression in the minds of the readers. Therefore it is suggested that not include the extra information or you can say appendix in the main body of the essay writing.

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Important formatting tips for writing the appendix

  1. The number of the appendix is not specified. So students from Ireland can write as much appendix as they want to write in their essay.
  2. The thing that should be the focus is that the numbering of all appendixes should be correct.
  3. An estimate of the appendix can be in any desired way.
  4. Tally can be in the form of alphabets, roman numbers, or even counting types.
  5. One more thing to remember is that mostly it is written in the end but sometimes its location changes according to the supervisor’s wish.


The appendix is not the best place to add new information about your paper. However, if you have written a detailed and formatted section in the body of your text that deals with all necessary details, then it might be worth including an appendix at the end for any readers who are interested in finding out more.

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