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List of Colleges That Offers Social Care Courses in Ireland

Social care courses are meant to assist people who require care, support, and backing to live their life with self-respect and freedom in the neighborhood so that they do not feel confused. The social care services generally focus on aged people and those who are suffering from mental sickness, learning disabilities, and bodily disabilities. The major aim of social care services is to assist all those individuals to live their remaining lives at their home only, in its place of going to care centers as most of them want to use their lives at their home as they desire to stay with folks of their age and whom they recognize from an extended time. Those who have a great interest in a noble cause of helping poor people in diverse ways and at the same time they want to earn also, so there is are the ample number of social care courses in Ireland.

There are numerous benefits of social care services as it costs less than the charge one pays at hospitals or nursing house care centers. It also lets patients to be with their loved ones, their kids, their pets in a surrounding which is more relaxing.

Which Colleges Offered Social Care Courses in Ireland

Numerous patients say that they feel more relaxing when they are in their own homes, and numerous of them say that they sleep much better in their own beds and eat well when they are served the home cooked foodstuff which they are habitual of eating. They have additional privacy at home, and it is extra peaceful over there. Plus, when at home they have a good routine & regime to be followed and also they can visit their neighbors as well.

Benefits of studying social care course in Ireland:

The social care is a curriculum which is intended to give additional care to the adults and kids who needs extra support with regards to the current situation.

Several institutes in Ireland offer the social care course & this course is one of the social, institutional activities which are supported and confident by the Government.

The social care is a course offer a huge number of opportunities to the person seeking a profession in this sector. This course provides a huge number of benefits such as:

  • Multiple employment opportunities: Social care course boasts a great number of brand options that one can select as their occupation. Such categories are separated according to the age of the persons, one wants to provide for, that is adult, children or elders. The social care service is given according to the need of the patient and the district of involvement about the bureaucratic ladder.
  • Acquire a large number of skills: The social care course in Dublin will provide the learner with numerous skills that can be used in day to day life in the case of unforeseen emergencies. One will get the familiarity on first aid practices, develop critical thinking. These skills can save one’s life where instant action is required such as a heart attack, seizures, and some other complications. Give service to the needed community: This programme provides numerous skills and knowledge which can be used to get lots of career opportunity as well as gives a possibility to help and benefit the community in need.

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Here is the list of Colleges offering Social care courses in Ireland

Trinity College:

• B.A. in Sociology and Social Policy

• B.S.S. (Hons) in Social Studies (Social Work)

• B.Sc. (Cur.) in Nursing – Mental Health Nursing

• M.S.W. / P.Grad.Dip. in Social Work

• M.Sc in Child Protection and Welfare (online)

• M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip in Dementia

• M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip in Mental Health

• Master in Letters in the School of Social Work and Social Policy

• P. Grad. Dip in Social Policy and Practice

• Ph.D. – Doctor in Philosophy in Social Work and Social Policy

• Postgraduate Certificate in Dementia

• Postgraduate Diploma/MSc in Social Policy and Practice

  • College of Management and IT: CMIT offers a 6-months, e-learning social science course which is studied with the guidance of tutors. This course is intended for the perceptive of the role of social care workers.
  • Dublin City University: DCU offers 4-year, full-time Bachelors of Science (Hons) in nursing (mental health) where a scholar understands the critical role of nurses in public. This course is a combination of educational and practical learning.

University College Cork: UCC offers 5 social care courses such as:

  • BSc (Hons) in Government: This is a 4-year, course which is joint with political science and a different subject such as law, social science, business, and political science.
  • Bsc (Hons) in Mental Health Nursing: This is a 4-year, course which provides outstanding opportunities to develop skills and familiarity associated with psychiatric nursing practice.
  • BSW (Hons) in Social Work: This course which will choose you to register as a social worker with the rigid bodies in Ireland.
  • BSocSc (Hons) in Youth and Community Work: This is a 3-year course which helps the scholars to work as an expert in the demanding and exciting field of community and youth work.
  • HDip in Social Policy: This is a 1-year, full-time course which provides the foundation of welfare states and community policy. This course is the most excellent for those who do not have a social science degree but needs to apply for a master of social work course.

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National University of Ireland, Galway

NUI, Galway offers 2 social science courses such as:

  • Bachelors of Arts (Child, family, and youth): This is a course which provides in-depth familiarity of recent trends and changes in relative’s life and youth development in the Irish culture.
  • Bachelors of Arts (Public and Social Policy): This is a 3-year, course which provides a profound understanding of how social policy can be used in the wellbeing of its citizen.

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