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Work Experience Diary Writing for Irish Students

If you are registered into QQI courses in Ireland like Healthcare course, childcare, Nursing, SNA or any other FETAC level 5 or level 6 course then this article is for you. That is to say, a student pursuing these courses should know the ABC of work experience diary writing. Also, here, we shall clear all your doubts on How to write work placement dairy?

Work Experience Diary Writing

Work experience is asked wherever you apply for a job in Ireland. It includes your practical, field knowledge. Which means, the recruiter is aware of what work you have done? and whether you are the right candidate for the Job? Thus, your work experience diary is the mirror of your field learnings and practical knowledge. Despite the requirement of work experience diary in the job, various QQI courses demand students to take up modules. And, for each day they are supposed to write a diary entry to share their experiences and outcomes.

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What Can You Gain from Writing Work Experience Diary?

As stated above, work experience helps the learner to sharpen his / her on-field skills and real-life knowledge. Additionally, it also helps to:

  1. Gain Self-Confidence as the learner is well aware of what skills he has got.
  2. Improve writing skills.
  3. Learn out of the experiences that happened during training.
  4. Get a hands-on over the job work.
  5. Develops a sense of responsibility.
  6. Create awareness regarding real-life scenarios.

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What is Included in Work Experience Diary Writing? The Format:

How to write a Work Experience Diary? This question remains a matter of doubt for students QQI courses. The students should include the following points in the work experience diary:

  • Job title
  • Date
  • Your Name
  • Name of Employer
  • Name of the organization
  • Employment Date
  • Details of work placement
  • Description and Duties Undertaken
  • Analyzing Own Performance

Now, these details must be written on each day of the work which means, the work experience is jotted down day-wise. The reason for this is that each day one tends to learn different things and experiences. Therefore, work experience writing is a kind of reflective writing. It involves self- reflection of ideas and learnings.

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Work Experience or Work Placement: Need and Importance in QQI courses and in the Job application

As discussed above, work experience writing is there in almost all the QQI courses. Whether it is Healthcare course, childcare, Nursing, SNA, Primary teaching or any other FETAC level 5 courses. There are various task assignments on which the students need to write and share their work experience in the form of diary writing.

Also, if you are applying for jobs, the work experience adds value to your resume. it helps the interviewer to understand your practical skills and field knowledge. In other words, you earn bonus points in getting a Job.

Other purposes of maintaining work experience diary are:

  • It provides a chance for the students to get involved in real-world programs.
  • Leads to the improvement of observation skills.
  • students learn to communicate effectively at the workplace.

Also, some people may confuse the work experience and work placement. Both the terms are similar without any significant difference. The only fact is while you are placed for job, you write work placement else in colleges, universities you write work experience. To add on, there is also a particular course on Work experience at FETAC level 5.

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In the nutshell, work experience writing helps students in multiple ways. He grows in a better way and develops insight into real-life scenarios. Also, this eventually improves the communication, observation and many other learning skills of the student.

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