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Research Paper Conclusion

Writing a research paper conclusion is one of the most difficult parts. PhD. Scholar after completion of their research paper often feels that they have nothing to say.  It is very much essential for the scholar to understand the fact reader mainly remembers the conclusion part. In this article, our academic paper writing experts are providing the complete guideline about writing the best conclusion part for the research paper.

The conclusion of a research paper is the last part which consists of a summary of the main arguments. At the time of writing a conclusion for the research paper, you need to predict the future.

write Research paper Conclusion

It is very much essential for you to develop an understanding that the conclusion section in the research paper can have a great significant influence on the quality of research work.  It is through a good conclusion section of the research paper you can have a good impression on the reader’s minds.

What is the main purpose of the conclusion in the research paper?

The main purpose of writing a conclusion in the research paper is to represent and explains research after summarising and making assumptions about the future.  It also enables you to continue research on a similar topic in the future.

There are high chances of failure when you have made the right choice of words or phrases for writing a conclusion for the research paper. Writing a conclusion in the research paper enables you to continue your research further.

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How to Write Research Paper Conclusion?

The 3 steps of writing the best conclusion for the research paper include:

Step 1: Restating the thesis or topic

It is an initial step in writing a conclusion to the research paper. At this step, you need to restate the topic which has been selected for performing research.  After restating the topic, it is very much essential for you to provide the reason or justifications which demonstrate the importance of your topic.

When writing a  conclusion at this step, it is very much essential for you to keep in mind that you have already included the main arguments and reasons in the main body paragraph of the academic paper. You can include a topic sentence at the beginning sentence of the conclusion.

After restating the topic, you need to write a thesis statement. You need not write a thesis statement gain. The best way to include the thesis is to paraphrase it in your own words. While writing the conclusion you should mainly concentrate on the main topic.

Note: You should not include any additional information in the conclusion section of the academic paper.

Step 2: Reminding key points for the research paper

It is a step where you want to write a summary of the key points in your research paper. When writing the conclusion you need to remind the audience about the thing on which you have to perform research. Before writing the conclusion you should read the main body paragraph of your research.

After reading the main body paragraph you should write the main ideas in the conclusion. You neither should nor repeat all ideas. You can utilize the same language and phrases. The best technique is to include a call to action. By doing this, you will be able to positively influence the reader for performing more research.

It is a step where you need to ask the tutor whether you need to provide more explanation in the conclusion. You should write the significance of your research but without including any new information.

Step 3:  Demonstrate the significance of the research topic

After writing the conclusion, in the end, you should write a statement that demonstrates the importance of the topic. You should provide an answer to the research question. Writing an answer to research questions will help the reader in developing an understanding of the significance of the topic.

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How to make the conclusion more effective?

By applying the few techniques you can write an effective conclusion for the academic paper. These techniques are:

1. Examine the recommendations carefully.

Before start writing a conclusion for an academic paper, you should review the guidelines thoroughly. As it is the technique that will help you in analyzing the requirements which you need to fulfil.  When writing the research questions you should keep in mind research questions.

2. Ensure that it is connected to your introduction.

After writing a  conclusion you should make sure that it links with your introduction. You can ask a question in the introduction section of the research paper and then restate the same question in the conclusion. After restating the question in conclusion you should provide an answer for the same.

3. In the conclusion, proper transition words are used.

Transition words are that word which helps in establishing the relationship between sentences and paragraph. When writing a conclusion you can integrate your ideas. When integrating the ideas you should confirm that it is readable and easily understandable.

4. You should maintain the goal and objectives in mind.

When writing the conclusion for your academic paper you should keep in mind the aim and objectives.


It has been concluded from the above that conclusion is the last part of the academic paper which consists of a summary of the entire paper. Another fact that has been found is that call to option is the best way of ending the conclusion.

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