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Research Paper Outline

Students pursuing undergraduate or master’s from universities in Ireland face difficulty in organizing their research papers. Writing a research paper outline can be helpful for students in organizing the research paper. An article publishes by an expert team of Ireland assignment help aim to helps students in preparing an outline of the research.

Writing a Research Paper Outline

Let’s first understand the meaning of the research paper outline

A research paper outline can be referred to as a plan which is developed by the researcher for writing a research paper. An outline of a research paper is a blueprint that guides the writing process. It is a formal system utilized for developing an understanding of the way the content of the research paper should be organized.

What is the need to write a research paper outline?

Writing a good research paper outline can be helpful in:

  • The research paper outline would assist in determining the structure of the research paper.
  • Writing a research paper outline is a useful tool that helps in writing procedure
  •  It provides the structure which the researcher has to follow.
  • The researcher’s paper outline provides an idea about the information which the researcher has to include in a research paper.
  • It provides ease in the organization of thoughts.
  • Preparing the structure of the research paper can help develop an understanding of the flow of information.
  • It helps the researcher in making sure that all-important information is there in the research paper

Research Paper Outline 

A) Introduction
In this section you need to include the following:

  • Hooks
  • You need to define the audience
  • Write a thesis statement

B) Main Body

  • You should Include arguments for supporting the thesis

C) Conclusion

  • You need to include a summary of key arguments

Research Paper Outline Example

Topic: Debate on coronavirus and vaccination

1. Introduction

A) Definition of coronavirus

B) Current statistics of people suffering from a specific disease.

C) Statistics of a person suffering from Corona in the UK.

D) Fatal cases of other diseases after the Patient becomes prone to the Coronavirus.

2. Risk associated with coronavirus

A) Symptoms and timeframe of coronavirus

B) How corona is spread

 3. Measure for preventions

A) Procedure of immunization

B) People belonging to the specific regions that are against the procedure of immunization.

C) Debate on causes of corona

4. Conclusion

A) Summary of main arguments

B) Concluding statement

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How to write a research paper outline?

Writing a research paper outline is not at all a complex procedure. It is a systematic procedure that includes an in-depth analysis of content. A good structure of the researcher’s paper consists of important information. The 9 steps that you have to undergo for writing a research paper outline are :

Step 1: Selection of a good topic

Choosing a good topic is very much important for successfully writing a research paper. You should select an interesting topic for writing a research paper.

Step 2: Writing a thesis statement in the research paper outline

It is a step in writing a research paper outline.  While writing a research paper outline You need to first write a thesis statement. You also need to write the topic sentence which will support your thesis statement. As Inclusion of the thesis and topic sentence in the research paper outline will provide the reader ease in identification of the research objective

Step 3: Write an argument in the research paper outline

After choosing a topic, you should determine the type of arguments you are going to include in the research paper. At the time of writing the arguments, you need to consider the aim of the thesis statement.  While writing arguments You need to think about the ways to create a research paper using specific arguments.

Step 4: Define the audience

Before creating an outline for a research paper, you need to first develop an understanding of the audience. By developing the understanding of the reader you will be able to determine the language which is better for writing a research paper. Information about the audience will help you in determining a better tone and style for writing an academic paper.

Step 5: Execution of preliminary research

Before writing a research paper outline, you should facilitate an in-depth preliminary investigation. You should find out relevant evidence for supporting arguments.

Step 6: Organization of references

While preparing the format of a research paper, you should consider that references are evidence of arguments.  You need to arrange the references as per their significance and relevancy to the thesis statement.

Step 7: Note key points of the research paper

It is a step where you should prepare a list of key arguments. You should categorize and arrange the arguments systematically and logically. Students can provide numbering to an argument. It is tactics that will provide readers with ease in addressing the main points in the research paper.

Step 8:Writing down supporting ideas and arguments

While writing a research paper outline, you should ensure that all arguments are in a sequence which is important for supporting ideas. Here, you need to highlight your main ideas.

Step 9: Sub- categorization of every supporting topic

It is a step where you should subcategory your points and expands them. This tactic will help you in making the research paper outline much more informative for the reader or user.

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How to do formatting of research paper outline?

The various styles which you can utilize for formatting the research paper outline are numeric, alphanumeric, a full sentence, and decimal outlines. Among different styles, the researcher mainly uses the alphanumeric style for creating the research paper outline. The researcher utilizes roman numbers, capital letters, Arabic numbers, etc. for organizing and maintaining the flow of data.

For example:


A) Point first

(I) Subsection

Now, it’s time to develop an understanding of the language that should be used for writing a research paper outline.

What is the language of the research paper outline?

At the time of writing the research paper outline, you need to mainly concentrate on language.  In the context of language, a few considerations which you need to make are subordination, parallelism, coordination, and division.

1. Parallelism

It is writing grammatical words repeatedly in a sentence.

For instance

A)Introducing the immunization debate that addresses different aspects such as the reasons for immunization and why certain groups are against it.

1) Include various areas, concentrating on a number of arguments that are against immunization.

2. Coordination

It means that the subheadings which you have included in the research paper outline should have equal importance as other headings.

For example :

Outlining risks in drinking alcohol.

1) Specific Diseases like lung cancer can result from drinking alcohol.

3. Subordination

It refers to the parting of basic points from specific headings. While writing a research paper headline you should write general headings first and after that specific subheadings.

For example :

General heading: Smoking and disease.

Subheading: Risk associated with drinking alcohol.

4. Division

It means that you should divide your headings into subsections.  You can include Unlimited subsections under one main heading.

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