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What is a Case Study & How to Write It?

Definition of a case study:

A case study is an analytical research paper that presents the real-life story of a product or service with the customer and describes the success of the product by presenting the problems which the customers were facing before using the product and how well the product helps the customer to overcome such problems.

Many students don’t know how to write a perfect case study and face many difficulties. Of course, it is a challenging task but with the help of tips and recommendations suggested by the professional writers at, you can complete your task easily.

How to write a case study?

Writing a case study usually requires a student to analyse the situation, identify the problem, and demonstrate their classroom theories and policies to make the perfect recommendations to solve the problem.

You may have plenty of innovative ideas in your mind for your next assignment, but when you start writing it, all of your ideas get buried under a heap of confusion. However, this is a common situation because writing a case study is not an easy job.

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So to write a perfect case study follow the steps mention below.

  1. Read and analyse the case study and questions carefully: A case study is a self-contain story which presents a story from start to end. So you need to carefully read and analyse the case and product and find out how its effect the potential customers.

Highlight the main points in the case study and read the question carefully.

  1. Identify the problems in the case study: A case study describes a situation which involves many people and a problematic situation so here you need to analyse the situation and find out problems in the case. To select the problems you may ask some questions:
  • What actions are taken in the case?
  • Are these actions the appropriate one?
  • Why do these actions/problems exist?
  • What are the consequences of these problems?
  • How they impact the organization?
  • Who is responsible for this situation?
  • The selected actions are appropriate according to the theories?
  1. Link your case with the theories: Apply the theories and knowledge and code of practise, behaviour and professional documents to identify what was done accurately and what was not done accurately and list out everything.
  1. Uncover the possible solutions: Once you have identified the problems in the case, use theories, discussion, reading, knowledge to find out the proper solution of it. Conduct the research and collect the facts, data and relevant information about the situation.

To conduct research, you can use textbooks, library books, internet, survey and interview of the people.

  1. Select the best solution: Once you have listed the possible solution, select the best suitable evidence and data of the problem and form the proper solution to the problem.
  1. Start writing a case study: Once you have gathered all required information, create a draft of your analysis using the basic format of case study writing. Through case studies are written in the basic format, sometimes it can differ according to the assignment direction given by the faculty.
  • Introduction: An introduction comes at the starting of the case study so it should clearly address all problems in the case study.
    You need to present the topic of the case study using a hook sentence or you can present a quotation to grab the attention of the readers.
    Later, in the introduction part, you need to formulate a thesis statement and at last, summarise the outcomes of your analysis using 2-3 lines.

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  • Body part: This is where you begin to discuss your case using a story. You need to present the different problems and answer the questions of every problem in a new paragraph. There should be a subheading of each subparagraph so the reader can get a clear idea, what you are going to discuss under this paragraph.
  • Conclusion: Present the conclusion in an effective way. You need to present a realistic solution to every problem discussed in the body part without adding any new information which was not discussed in the body part.
    You need to spend a quality time before crafting it because this is the last paragraph which your professor will read before grading you. So make it impressive and try to leave an impact of your writing on the reader’s mind.
  1. Recommendation: Finally, you need to discuss the advantage and disadvantage of the situation. Present the specific strategies to accomplish the proposed solution and if applicable, then recommend the further actions which can be taken to resolve the situation.
    Present what should be done, who can do and provide an estimate, how much fund is required to do so.
  1. Referencing: At the end of the case study, it is necessary to provide information about the sources used in the case study. The reference could be anything including textbooks, article, journals, prior case studies or people who have interviewed to find out the information.
    The best way to remember the resources is to note down them by the time you used them in your paper.
  1. Editing and proofreading: Like all other academic assignments, you need to proofread your case study paper and check it with spelling errors, grammatical errors, vocabulary error and any other errors and make it error-free assignment paper which will impress your faculty.
    Remember, you a case study is a story so you have to make it as you are telling a story and your reader will not get bored while reading this. Keep your reader’s interest throughout the case.

If you use the above mention steps, you can write an outstanding case study. Don’t worry, start your paper now, if you get stuck in any step of writing then we are here to help you with custom case study writing services where you can find the solution of any case study problem.

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Tips to write an impressive case study:

  • Always write your case study as you are telling a story so write an engaging and interesting story throughout your case study paper.
  • Always write a case study using some real-life examples. If you are allowed to select the topic on your own then try to select it from the real world.
  • Provide only credible information.
  • Always create a plan for every event and step you going to use in your paper before you start writing your paper.
  • Always write a case study using simple yet intriguing language so your reader can easily understand this.
  • Try to provide some figures and numbers; it will present the creditability of the work.

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