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How to write a Dissertation – Step By Step Explanation

Writing a dissertation is a completely new experience for those students who have enrolled themselves for a Ph.D. after completion of their Masters’s course. Students have a question about How to start writing a Dissertation. In this article, our dissertation writing professionals are providing a complete guide for helping you at the beginning of dissertation writing.

how to write a perfect dissertations

Understand the Dissertation Meaning & Definition

The dissertation is a long essay on a specific topic. You need to write a Dissertation during your Doctoral study. The main purpose of writing a dissertation is to present the findings of the research Questions.

Another objective of the Dissertation is to obtain a Ph.D. or Doctoral degree. Students studying undergraduate, master’s, or Ph.D. courses need to write dissertations successfully. The dissertation is considered a long piece of writing that the researcher utilizes for highlighting the original idea.

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How to write a Dissertation?

Below are 5 steps that you can use to start writing a dissertation. By following the steps below you will be able to complete the dissertation successfully.

Step 1: Identification of interesting and manageable Research topic

At the initial step of writing a Dissertation, you need to find an appropriate research topic. It is very much important for you to choose an engageable and manageable research topic. By making the selection of a good topic for research you will be able to prepare an original piece of academic writing that will further help you in achieving Good dissertation marking. After choosing the research topic you should make sure that it is neither too narrow nor broad. You should select such an easily researchable topic. You can make a selection of particular issues of your interest as a topic for writing a dissertation.

Step 2: Write a Dissertation Proposal

After the selection of the research topic, you need to write a proposal. The main purpose of writing the Dissertation Research proposal is to positively influence Supervisor and other committee members to believe that the research is original. It is a research proposal that provides you with a chance to demonstrate that your research work will make a valuable contribution to scientific and academic fields by answering provocative research questions.

The dissertation proposal is short in length. It consists of the same structure as the main dissertation paper. When writing the Dissertation proposal you need to highlight the important points that you are going to cover in the dissertation. The dissertation proposal is a blueprint that will guide the dissertation writing process.

At the time of writing a Dissertation proposal need to explain how would you contribute knowledge about the scientific and academic community, and the technique you will use for finding answers to research questions? The structure of the Dissertation proposal is:

  • Title of dissertation

You are required to first write a dissertation topic.

  • Research aim

In the dissertation proposal, you need to first state the purpose of the research. It is very much important for you to clearly state what you intend to accomplish by performing research on a specific topic.

  • Research objectives

Here, you need to write research questions that you intend to get an answer to by performing research. After writing research objectives you need to confirm that it is linked to the research aim.

  • Literature review

Before starting to write a literature review section, you should review academic guidelines. It is the strategy that will help you in addressing the specific requirement related to sources of literature. In the literature review section of the Dissertation, you need to include arguments relevant to the research topic.

  • Research methodology

While writing the Dissertation proposal you need to specify the methods, approaches, or techniques you will use for the collection, analysis, and interpretation of information. As it is a dissertation proposal, you need not explain all the methods in detail. You are just required to state that you are using a particular method for performing a particular research activity. For instance, in empirical research, the researcher generally uses an interview or questionnaire technique for the accumulation of facts about the topic.

  • Expected outcomes

By considering the existing literature, you need to determine the results of your research and write the same in the Dissertation proposal.

  • Project timeline

You need to specify the time duration of your research academic sources. You can utilize the Gantt chart or Microsoft project for preparing a research schedule.

  • References

It involves a list containing names of sources from where the researcher has gathered information. Before making a section of any reference style, you should review university or academic guidelines.

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Step 3: Research and collect data

It is the most difficult and critical step in writing the dissertation process. At this step, you need to find the most relevant and authentic sources for gathering information related to your topic. You can conduct preliminary research for identifying reliable sources for gathering information. It is a step where you need to collect facts related to the topic of dissertation writing.

Step 4: Write a flawless Dissertation

Now after performing the above activities and getting approval of the Dissertation proposal from a supervisor, it is time to write a Dissertation. You can seek advice and assistance from professors or seniors for writing a thesis.

Step 5: Proofreading, Editing, and improving

It is the last step in the Dissertation writing process where you need to proofread the content of the dissertation. It is very much important for you to address and rectify the issue. Proofreading will help you in ensuring the elimination of errors in the dissertation report.

You can ask you, someone, to read your content and identify mistakes for you. You should leave the gap of a few days after completion of the dissertation ad before proofreading or editing.

At the time of reviewing or proofreading a Dissertation, you need to mainly concentrate on spelling errors, punctuations, and grammar mistakes as all these things could have a significant influence on the Quality of the Dissertation and your grade.

Before making the final submission of the dissertation you should confirm that all the sentences and paragraphs in the Dissertation are coherent and properly structured. All the same time you should also confirm that your Dissertation structure consists of all important elements.

Tips for writing a Perfect Dissertation.

Below are a few tips which you can use for writing a good Dissertation these are:

Interact with the supervisor regularly: It is very much important for a Ph.D. Students to communicate effectively with the dissertation Supervisor. Students should interact with their respective Dissertation supervisors regularly. They should obtain regular suggestions, assistance, and feedback from the Dissertation supervisor. It is a strategy that will help you in writing a perfect dissertation.

a) Organize your time: A dissertation is a lengthy academic writing which consumes lots of time. Therefore, it is very much important for you to manage time effectively. Some strategies which you can adopt for managing time are:

  • Prepare an effective dissertation writing plan.
  • Create a schedule of daily activities on a routine basis.
  • Prepare a list of priority tasks.
  • Set objectives daily and write dissertations accordingly.
  • Stick to the strategic dissertation timeline so you don’t have to do the catch-up work.

b) Review guidelines: Before starting to write a Dissertation you should review the university guideline. It is a tactic that will help you in addressing the additional requirement which you need to fulfill at the time of the dissertation writing process.


From the above article, it has been concluded that writing a good dissertation can help you in achieving good grades. Other facts that have been found from the above article are that facilitating continuous communication with a Dissertation supervisor can be beneficial for completing a dissertation.

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