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How to Write a Persuasive Speech

Many students studying at the top university of Ireland wonder how they can prepare the best persuasive speech which can amaze the readers. There are many elements required to make an effective speech for which the students have to do proper preparation and practice.

Irish students can produce effective persuasive speech writing if they structure an argument as a solution regarding the problem they are discussing.

tips to write pursuasive speech for irish students

If the students have an excellent outline of steps for structuring a persuasive speech, then getting it out would help them in creating an effective one. By delivering a perfect statement, students of Ireland can convince the audience to do something new.

What is the purpose of writing a persuasive speech?

A persuasive speech is an inspiring or appealing speech that the students have to give in front of the audience and must include issues on which the topic reflects and the processes for criticizing or praising the solution.

It should be argumentative, concise, and clear so that it becomes easy to see the statement that the students want to communicate through their speech.

In the main body of the speech, there must be appropriate evidence and a probable solution to the problem about which the students are talking. In the end, writing an influencing conclusion can help the readers to feel excited about doing something new.

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The key goal of writing a persuasive speech was to:

  • It helps the students to provide the primary data regarding the issue in front of the audience or readers.
  • Students have to be clear listeners so that they can understand why highlighting this topic is essential and how it gets related to the everyday life of any person.
  • It helps in making the audience to accept some common or inferior intellectual problems, solutions, and thoughts.
  • Whether one wants to get the people to change their minds, or thoughts, vote, stop littering, or any other issue, writing a convincing speech is the better option.
  • Getting the proper feedback from several people living in society helps in understanding the world better.

Steps to writing an impressive persuasive speech

1. Learn about the topic first: It is essential first to find out the vital information about the issue on which the students are going to speak.

  • If the students have to speak on a controversial topic, then it can be a good idea first to know all the arguments from both sides. Whatever the students are going to highlight in their speech, it can become more persuasive if they will address both sides effectively.
  • Spending adequate time reading books, magazines, or articles about the topic on which the students have to speak about can help them in making the readers more excited.
  • Students can visit online for finding the basic concept or can go to the library for an effective search in books.
  • There are several opinion-oriented resources like talk radio, editorials, or cable news that can help the students for finding out information about the topic.
  • Finding proper speech writing data on the internet can be helpful, but it gets sometimes biased for a few concepts. So students have to be aware of what they are searching for.

2. Know the primary goal of writing a speech: the students need to understand the purpose behind delivering a speech. By knowing what the students want to achieve with their assignments, it becomes easy to fit the content into a statement.

  • For instance, if the students have to speak on the recycling topic, then they have to talk about some of the methods which the audience can use in their daily life.
  • It becomes necessary to concern the main point many times instead of talking about ridiculous things.
  • Speech must be like the audience could understand the problem from the beginning and could expect a proper solution from the student’s address.
  • Crafting an informative thesis statement can help the students to stay focused on listening to the speech till the end.

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3. Understand the audience impressively:  it can be beneficial for the students to know their views or get to acknowledge the audience’s concerns. It can help the students in influencing the content of their persuasive speech.

  • Readers or listeners would expect little about the background of the topic in a more straightforward language.
  • An audience has high listening power, which can make them in understanding the difference between dull and exciting speech.
  • Students do not have to convince the audience about the correct point because the listeners can support the right thing efficiently.
  • By contrast, if any of the listeners will not agree with the point about which the students are talking, then they can ask them to give the proper evidence in support of the topic.
  • For instance, if the students are speaking on the topic ‘environment needs help’ then if any people start opposing it, students have first to convince them why the situation is in danger.

4. Select the appropriate persuasive topic: depending on the selection of the right persuasive speech themes, there are several ways according to which the students have to convince the listeners. Some of the best persuasive speech topics are:

  • Effective opinions on politics
  • Impressive themes on morality
  • Ethics based speech
  • Education-related persuasive speech
  • Statement on fun
  • Humorous, based speech
  • Law and government ideas
  • Admirable themes in business
  • Relationships related to speech
  • Religion ideas for speech preparation
  • Self-esteem based address
  • Latest thoughts on family
  • The financial argument for the statement
  • Efficient constitutional issues
  • History related speech themes
  • School-based persuasive speech

Students have to search for all the main concepts about the topic on which they are going to deliver a speech. It helps the students to answer every question asked by the audience or listeners. However, still, it is necessary to pick up the right topic for persuasive speech.

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5. Start with an innovative opening:  at the beginning of every speech, students have to mention essential points which can keep the listeners attentive for listening to their address. Starting the speech with the practical introduction paragraph along with an attention-grabbing quote, video, picture, or a compelling story, will keep the audience excited.

  • An attention grabber is a kind of dramatic statement that helps the students to be a little startling at the opening of the speech.
  • Showing that there is some background behind the topic which the students are discussing can help them in putting useful logic.
  • It can be better to show that the students know about the subject. If the students have any experience with the topic which they are discussing, then sharing it with the audience can make the audience more excited and interested as well.
  • Students can explain what they expect at the end of the speech from the audience.

6. Never forget to outline the key points:  once the students have chosen the correct topic for preparing an effective speech, then the next step for the students must be to mention the main points.

  • The number of points selected by the students for supporting the topic concludes the time in which they have to deliver the speech.
  • Including three to four points in the statement is more than enough.
  • Suggesting the correct solution, along with the main problem, can also be helpful to attract the attention of many listeners.

7. Offer perfect persuasive evidence:  highlight some of the indications along with the speech, which can help the listeners to make their interest. It can provide the listeners to offer their support for the student’s viewpoint.

  • It is essential to arrange all of the main points logically.
  • Completing an argument first and then moving to the next concept can be helpful instead of jumping from one issue to another.
  • Even if the location is quite emotional, then discussing the factual information can help the students in making their argument stronger.
  • If the students relate relevant or facts based topics with their real-life experiences, then it can build up the interest of the listeners.


If Irish students involve the audience in their speeches, they’ll be much more effective. It’s challenging to motivate people when you’re talking at them rather than with them. However, if your speech is simple but effective then maybe some of it will get through and sink in for future reference!

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