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Writing Research Paper Abstract

Students studying undergraduate or master’s from the University of Ireland often find writing abstracts for research papers to be a very difficult task.  Students face issues in determining how to write abstracts for the research paper. By writing this article, an expert team of Ireland assignment help intends to provide the answers to students’ above queries.

An abstract is a summary of the content of the research paper.  It includes a brief overview of the topics which have been covered in the research paper. The research paper abstract indicates the objectives of the investigation. It also reveals the findings of the research. Abstract in the research paper plays a very important role in the quick explanation of the study.

Writing Research Paper Abstract

Writing the research paper abstract after completion of the investigation can be helpful in the inclusion of key findings. You need to write abstracts for research papers in such a way that the reader could get an idea about the overall content of the research paper.

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When to write a Research paper Abstract

You should write an abstract, last, that is after completion of the research paper. By writing the abstract at the end, you will get ideas about the main points which you can summarize in a specific section.

An abstract can also be written after preparing the structure of the research paper. By preparing the outline of the research paper, you will get an idea about the topics which will be covered.

A key consideration for writing a research paper abstract

Below are a few considerations which you should make before writing a research paper abstract:

  • Determination of the type of abstract to write

Before starting writing it is very crucial; for you to determine the type of research abstract you want to write. There are two styles of writing an abstract these are

  • Descriptive abstract

The word count for such type of abstract is 100 to 200 words only. Descriptive abstract consists of information such as objectives, methodology, etc. It does not include the result and concluding part. It is a type of abstract which are more appropriate for a short research paper.

  • Informative abstract

Such type of research paper covers one page. While writing such type of research paper abstract you need to cover all the aspects of your study. It is a form of abstract which is mainly used by the researcher for writing a technical research paper.

  • Consideration of requirements

While writing the abstract for a research paper you need to follow all instructions provided ion university guidelines. At the time of reviewing the guidelines, you should concentrate on word count,  formatting style, type of abstract,  specific regulation, etc. You should comply with all codes of conduct while writing an abstract.

  • Identification of Audience

Before or while writing a research paper abstract, you should consider your audience. As the main objective of the abstract section in the research paper is to provide the reader with ease in developing a quick understanding of key arguments. While writing the abstract you should also consider the implications of the study.

The procedure which you can follow for writing abstract consists of 5 steps these are:

Step 1: Identification of objectives

Before writing the research paper abstract you must address the main objective of your investigation. Besides this, you should also try to demonstrate the importance of investigating a specific topic. While writing an abstract for the academic paper you should provide proper justification for performing research.

Step 2: Define the issue

Here, you need to define the problem on which you are writing a research paper. In a few cases, the problem statement can be integrated with motivation. While writing the abstract you should also define the scope of your study. You should also include key arguments in your abstract.

Step 3: Highlight the methodology

At the time of writing an abstract, you should highlight the strategies or approaches which you have used for solving the particular issue. If you don’t know the research method read the article.

Here, you need to explain the way you have to accomplish the desired research objective by applying a specific set of procedures. In simple words, you should define approaches and different variables of investigation. You also need to highlight the evidence supporting your claim. While writing an abstract for a research paper you can provide a basic overview of significant sources.

At the time of writing the methodology part in the abstract, you should also specify the criterion based on which selection of research methods has been done. Here, you also need to define the process using which participants for research have been selected.

Step 4: Description of outcomes

In the abstract section of the research paper, you need to highlight the key outcomes of the investigation. Here, you also need to explain the way your research outcomes are related to the objective of the research or questions. It is very much essential for you to state the answer to the research question in the research abstract section.

Step 5: Providing a conclusion

This part of the research paper abstract consists of a summary of important arguments. Here, you need to demonstrate a clear understanding of the topic. You can state the limitation of your study in concluding or at the end of the abstract. If you have performed an investigation to solve a specific problem then in such a case you can provide recommendations or suggestions.

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How long research paper Abstract could be?

First of all the length of the abstract in the research paper is completely based on the overall word count of the research paper. Secondly, the basic length of the Abstract in a research paper is 150 to 300 words. You should write abstract after title and acknowledgement.

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Helpful Tips for writing the best abstract for the research paper

Tips  for writing the abstract for the research paper are:

  1. Before writing the abstract you should see your college or university guidelines. As it is the tactics that will help you in determining the type of abstract you need to write for your research paper.
  2. While writing an abstract it needs to ensure that only reliable and important information is included. You should also confirm that all topics are included.
  3. Keywords can be utilized while writing for attracting readers.
  4. Avoid the use of long quotations and technical terms while writing abstracts for the research paper.
  5. You should not use abbreviations in the Abstract.
  6. Revision of abstract after completion of abstract is crucial as it will help you in identifying errors or mistakes.

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