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How to Write a Good Hook for a Research Paper

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Research Paper Hooks

Research paper hooks definition

It is an opening sentence that serves as an introduction. Writing a hook is very much helpful in capturing the attention of the reader. Starting a research paper will help you in securing the interest of the reader. You should use some hooks in the introduction part of the research paper. The inclusion of research paper hooks can make your research paper more efficient.

Note: You should not use more than two hooks in a research paper. if in case you use more than two hooks then there are high chances that the reader will lose interest in reading. The inclusion of more than two hooks can result in high chances of plagiarism.

Research Paper Hook Examples:

The topic of research paper: Underfunded public educational institutions in the UK.

Example 1:  If you belong to Urban areas in the UK then in such case you can get admission to a public higher educational institution. You need to undergo a metal detector for entering into a premise. You can expect that approx. 20 percent of students do pass graduation every year. ?

Example 2:  UK has also been recognizing to be as “land of opportunity” by doing hard work you can easily achieve success. But think, if you belong to the poor family background do you have the same opportunities.

Now, let’s develop an understanding of How to write the best hook.

How to create a Good Research Paper Hook?

The process of writing a hook includes the following steps these are:

Step 1: Understand the Nature of literary work

Before starting writing the hook in a research paper you first need to consider the type of investigation you are going to perform.

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Step 2:  Write an Outline for a research paper

You should first prepare the outline for a research paper, as it will provide you with ease in the identification of key points that could help create a hook. At the time of preparing the structure of the research paper, you should highlight the important points.

While writing a research paper you need to consider the purpose of a research paper.  It is the tactics that will help you in getting an idea about the content of an academic paper. By performing this activity you will be able to identify the best hook for an academic paper.

Step 3: Identification of the thesis

The thesis is a statement that summarizes the key arguments and an important point of a research paper. Before starting to write hooks for the research paper introduction you should highlight the key points of the academic paper.

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Step 4: Writing the hooks based on the thesis

After writing a hook you should make sure that it matches your main idea. Write such a hook that you can easily include in the introduction section of the research paper. In simple terms, create such hooks that are relevant to your academic paper.

Step 5: Develop an understanding of the Target audience

An investigation is performed for a specific type of audience. While creating a research paper hooks you need to consider that every audience has different types of understanding. Therefore, it is very much important for you to develop an understanding of the audience at the time of performing the procedure of making a hook.

Step 6: Making proper transitions for the research paper

After writing a hook you must ensure that it is relevant or matches the main points that you have highlighted when creating an outline of a research paper. It is one of the best techniques which will enable you to develop a smooth transition between hook and research paper.

For example: When writing the economic research paper you can include famous Quotes given by famous economists.

Note: Brainstorming is one of the best technique which you can use while writing hooks in a research paper. Before writing the hook in the introduction you should first do planning about research paper. It is the tactics that will help in ensuring hooks matches with research objective.

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How to Write a Strong Research Paper Hook

You now understand how critical a powerful hook is to the success of your academic work. Here are some simple suggestions to assist you in completing this work.

  • Always be aware of the goal of your writing assignment. You must have a clear notion of the message you wish to send to your audience. Then you’ll be able to figure out which form of the hook is perfect for your research paper.
  • Do further study to come up with interesting hook concepts. Furthermore, make certain that the information you obtain comes from a reputable and reliable source. Use scientific journal articles, textbooks, research reports, study surveys, interviews, newspapers, and other sources.
  • Always sketch out a plan. Begin by stating your thesis or research topic, which you will defend in your research report. Then consider the main points and evidence you may use to back up your claim. Plan your beginning and consider the best strategy to persuade your audience to read your essay all the way through.
  • If they aren’t connected to your topic, resist the urge to incorporate a surprising fact or surprising statistic. Your readers may be bored if they don’t perceive the connections. Always include only relevant material in your hook, and always include further explanations to demonstrate to your readers how your hook relates to your research paper’s topic.

Key considerations while writing hooks for a research paper

There are 4 important considerations that you need to make while writing hooks in the introduction section of the research paper.

1. Utilize interesting facts

You need to write such a hook that provides the reader ease in developing the understanding of the points which you intend to explain. Write interesting facts at the beginning of the introduction. While including an interesting fact in the introduction part you should ensure that it reflects the objective of the research.

2. Confirm the language and style of writing

In the case of writing a research paper,  it is very much important for you to write a good hook that will help you in developing an interest in reading the reader.  In simple words, you should write catchy headings.

3. Be a creative and intriguing hook for a long research paper:

It means that you should include hooks at the strategic points. For instance, you can include questions relevant to your topic. These tactics will help you in developing the interest in reading among readers.

4. The rationale for writing a research paper

Before writing a hook for an academic paper and considering the nature of the research you should select a hook.  For example, if you are writing a research paper for PhD. or Master’s Program you should use a formal style of writing.  It is very much important for you to select a hook that is most suitable for your research paper.

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