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How to Write a Problem Statement

Writing a problem statement for a research topic is very much important. Students studying research subjects at the University of Ireland often have certain questions related to writing a research paper problem statement. They have a few questions such as when to write a problem statement, how to contextualize issues etc.

An expert research paper writing team of Ireland assignment help has provided step by step guide which will help you in writing an effective statement of the problem in research.

Writing a good problem statement means that your statement of the issue provides a vision and defines overall methods which you will apply for solving a specific issue.

How to Write a Problem Statement

After successful identification of the issue on which you intend to execute research, the other step is to draft a research proper statement. At the time of writing a statement of the problem in the research paper, you need to make sure it is concrete and concise.

At the start of writing problem statements for a research paper, you need to first have already available information. You should clearly describe the problem for finding the solution to which you will execute the investigation. You must demonstrate the relevancy of the issue and then establish an objective for your investigation.

When to write a Problem Statement?

There are different circumstances when you need to write a research problem statement.  If you are performing research for organizations then it is very crucial to write a problem statement. Writing a good problem statement is very much essential to finding a suitable solution for the issue.

About an academic paper, a clear research paper problem statement will help you in contextualization. It would also further help you in developing an understanding of the importance of specific issues.

You can write a problem statement of a research paper in different paragraphs, as it will provide you with the foundation for writing a research proposal. An introduction section of the research paper also needs to write a problem statement in one or two sentences.

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How to write a Problem statement for Research?

Different steps involved in writing a statement of the problem for the research paper are:

Step 1: Contextualization of issue

It is a step where you need to write an issue on which you intend to conduct an investigation. You should also provide background information.  There are two different types of research problems are:

A.) Practical research issue

While conducting the practical investigation, you need to emphasize the concrete detail of the situation such as the root cause of the problem, the influence of the issue, and measures taken for resolving specific problems.


There has been a great decline in the number of voters in the x region of Ireland during the last few years as compared to other regions. As per investigation performed there are fewer voters. Many initiatives have been taken for increasing the number of voters. More number campaign has been organized for engaging people in politics but such measures are yet to have an influence on voters.

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B.) Theoretical research issue

In the context of theoretical research, you need to think about the history of the specific issues.  In this step, you need to provide detail about the information which you already have about a particular problem. You also should address the time duration of the problem and address the argument related to the issue.


During the last few years, the UK economy has been considered to be a crucial segment for the labor market. People in the UK instead of doing full-time jobs are more interested in engaging themselves in freelancing work.

The main emphasis of investigation is on the identification of the main cause of people moving from full-time jobs to freelancing work. The knowledge gap in the existing literature on specific issues is that earlier research has failed to explore young people’s experience of UK economy.

Step 2:  Demonstrate the importance of the issue

You need to address the relevance of research in the context of the field.

A.) Practical research problems

Such types of investigation are directly related to the particular issue which has a direct influence on the company.  At this step, you must determine and address those people who will get influenced by a specific problem.  You should also ask questions about what consequences of the problem if it is not resolved quickly?


In the context of the above example that is a decline in voter rate, you should ask a question that what will be consequences of a continuous decrease in the number of voters.

The expected Answer to such a question is it will have a negative influence on social cohesion. There would be a great decline in trust in democratic institutions.  If the issue will be resolved quickly then the region will get special benefits.

B.) Theoretical research problem

In a few circumstances, such a type of investigation has serious practical consequences.


In the history of the UK economy, freelancing is considered to be a unique form of employment which is basically a flexible active choice. You need to perform qualitative research for developing an in-depth investigation.

At the time of investigation on specific problems, you should mainly emphasize the experience of employees. By applying the technique you will be able to create a hypothesis of flexibility that could further help in setting the objectives for policies in the future.

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Step 3: Establishment of aims and Objectives:

At last, you need to clearly describe the way you are going to solve a specific issue. Our objective in conducting the research should be to identify the main cause of the problem along with find a suitable solution. Here, achieving good grades can propose a unique solution to problems. You should write the aim of investigation in an infinitive form such as

  • The main aim of the investigation is to identify…..
  • The research project aims to determine …….
  • I aim to analyze……..

Objectives provide guidance related to different activities that need to be executed for accomplishing the desired aim.

It represents the following steps that you will take for achieving the aim:

  1. A quantitative technique will be used for identification …
  2. I will utilize the interview technique for collecting
  3. The statistical analysis will be utilized for measuring…..


It has been concluded from the above that writing a good research problem statement for a research paper is very much essential for finding a suitable solution. Another fact that has been discovered is that the writing problem statements for a research paper are a stand-alone document based on which the whole research can be executed.

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