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Thesis Statement For Research

The thesis statement plays a very important role in the research paper. Students generally face difficulty in writing the thesis statement. The primary point of a research paper or essay, such as an expository essay or an argumentative essay, is expressed in a thesis statement, which is one phrase long. It claims while also immediately responding to a question.

Writing a thesis statement is crucial to provide the reader with an idea of the issue on which you will execute the investigation. A thesis statement is a summary of the important arguments in the research paper. You need to present your ideas just after the completion of the introduction section. All types of academic papers require a thesis statement.

Thesis Statement

Example of Research paper thesis statement: The government in the US has immediately begun phasing of fossil fuels and legal authority has made an investment in renewable energy.

The US is basically the most powerful economy, the nation can achieve a leading position in minimizing carbon emission. The government in US is taking all such actions mitigating the influence of climate change.

What is the significance of the thesis statement in research?

A statement of the thesis has great importance as:

  • It helps in determining the objective of an academic paper
  • The thesis defines the position of topic
  •  Provides the reader with guidance related to the argument
  • It helps you in concentrating on your writing.

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What are the different types of thesis statements?

The 3 different types of a thesis statement are:


If you intend to influence the reader for accepting the claim. You should write a clear and specific idea. You also need to provide proper reasons for giving particular arguments.

For example: The Brexit referendum upshot was the result of frustration among working-class people because of politics. It is mainly caused by austerity policies that have eroded public services and fragmented communities; the referendum offered an alternative to the status quo.


You should write an analytical type of thesis statement if you intend to do an analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of different aspects of the topic. In such a case, you should write a proposal that includes the main points of analysis. You also need to write a conclusion.  Britain has been combined with Europe in culture and economy. But there has been a change in the political system of the EU during the last 50 years.

Example: The relationship between the UK and the EU.


If the main aim of your investigation is to provide an explanation or have a discussion on different facts related to a particular issue, then you should confirm that your proposal includes a summary of the main points.


If survey emphasizes on the demographic of Brexit vote then Demographics of Brexit vote you can categorize it further on the basis of age, gender, educational level, region, etc.

Note: While making Decision-related on the type of thesis statement it is very much important for you to consider the aim of the research.

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How to write a thesis statement?

The  3 step process of writing a thesis statement includes :

Step 1: Create research questions

At this step, you should write such research questions that you intend to get an answer

Example of research question: Q. What are the reasons for Brexit?

Step 2: Finding an answer

At the beginning stage of an investigation, you should try to find tentative answers to research questions. If in case you intend to write an argumentative research paper then you should provide strong evidence for the problem. Considering the example given above could be the main cause of Brexit is political frustration.

Step 3: Provide reasons and evidence for supporting answers

It is a step where you need to perform a detailed investigation for the identification of sources from which you can collect information about the topic.  At this phase, you should continuously refine your idea. Here, it is very much important for you to sum up the complete arguments in the research paper.

For example: The UK leaving EU referendum consequences was driven by working-class frustration with the political elite, caused by austerity policies that have hindrance public services and fragmented communities; the referendum offered an alternative to the status quo.

How to Write an Effective Thesis

  • Firmness: Your thesis statement should clearly explain the topic of your paper. One of the most difficult components of the essay is writing a genuine statement. The reason for this is that you want to make sure the reader understands exactly what you’re attempting to say. Keep in mind that the thesis statement is not the article’s main topic. It’s a point of view, or you could say the subject’s interpretation.
  • Uniqueness: To keep the text focused on one issue, the thesis statement must contain only one notion. Your post will quickly lose its focus if you do not discuss and expand on a single subject. You will not be able to respond to the important issues in this manner, and the reader will become confused during the discussion. To establish originality, attempt to keep focused on the key idea.
  • Specificity: A thesis statement should be as specific as possible to make your perspective on the subject appear. It should incorporate all of the background information from your topic introduction. It must condense all of the information into a single sentence and avoid repeating the introduction.
  • Location: The thesis statement must be placed in the introduction in some situations, and it must also be placed at the end in other cases. It usually takes up one or two sentences in the first paragraph. Some authors prefer to discuss it in the opening paragraph before moving on to the thesis.

What are the characteristics of a strong thesis statement?

A few characteristics of a strong statement of the thesis are that it is concise, contentious, and Coherent.

Your proposal should be concise; it means that you need to write such content in your research paper which revolves around the key argument. Just write a notion in one or two sentences but it should be specific.

It is a characteristic of a strong proposal is that it consists of evidence for supporting arguments. You should include questions in your hypothesis, as it will help you in developing the interest of reading in the reader.

The statement of the thesis which you intend to write may consist of several parts. But after writing the opinion, you should make sure that all the parts are arranged logically. The idea should match the content of the research paper. You need to include the key points of your idea in the main headings.

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One reason that thesis statements are important is that, without them, your research paper could get rejected. A good way to come up with a strong proposal for an argumentative essay (or any other type) is just by including the main arguments and evidence of it in this statement at the beginning.

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