What is the subject of marketing and why is it taught in various universities and colleges in Singapore?

Marketing can be defined as all the business processes which are followed by an organization involved in making, creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers through their products and services in the market.

What is the nature of marketing?

Marketing is an integrated processMarketing is customer-orientedMarketing is a system
Marketing is creativeMarketing is goal-orientedMarketing is universal
Marketing is a science as well as an artMarketing is an exchange activityMarketing is a continuous process

What is the scope of marketing?

Analysing consumer needs and wantsAnalysing consumer behaviour
Product planning and developmentDecision making related to the pricing
Company analysisCompetitor analysis

What are the core concepts of marketing?

Needs wants and demandsProduct
MarketersCustomer value
Cost, satisfaction and qualityRelationship marketing and networks
Exchange and transactionGoods services continuum

What is the importance of marketing in various organizations?

  1. Financial success
  2. Enhances sales
  3. A major component of product pricing
  4. Marketing is often the route to the top
  5. Develops the image of the company
  6. Availability of global goods
  7. Promotes awareness of products
  8. Creating utilities
  9. Protects against depression
  10. Availability of various products
  11. Job opportunities

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Why is this subject of marketing taught in various universities and colleges in Ireland?

Marketing is the soul and heart of any organization. If it is not for marketing, various companies would not be able to run their business. Thus, people need to know about marketing. Marketing is the reason how people get to know about the products and services of an organization, this is how customers get attracted to a product, buy it, use it, and even give their feedback. If it was not for marketing, there will probably be very fewer sales or no sales for organizations which will lead to having no profit at all and maybe loss as well.

What are the various problems which the students face while writing their marketing dissertations?

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What are the points which must be kept in mind while writing marketing dissertations?

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  • The dissertations must have proper references and citations which must be mentioned in the dissertations the last with referrers.

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