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The assessment has become a crucial part of the educational system of Ireland. It serves as an individual student evaluation system. It provides a significant platform to compare the performance of the students across the various spectrums.

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Sometimes, the students of Ireland get confused with the real purpose of assessment. There are many homework assignments on which basis the students can score top grades in their final assessment.

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What is the purpose of the assessment system in Ireland?

The real purpose of the assessment is to gather proper information about the performance of the students. It helps in determining the interest of the students so that the teachers can make judgments about the learning process. When the teachers can receive all such information about the students, then they can reflect on the level of achievement of each student. Even the teachers of the schools or the colleges can customize their teaching plans efficiently. Some of the main advantages of enhancing assessment in the education system include;

  • The assessment helps the school teachers and the college professors to see the progress of the students.
  • It motivates the teachers to execute a better plan for the students so that they can further make improvements in the study material.
  • It helps the schools and colleges to set regular targets for the future.
  • It measures the academic performance of the students effectively.
  • Continuous assessment marking provides day-to-day feedback regarding the teaching as well as a learning process.
  • It can enhance the capability of learning among the college students of Ireland.
  • It encourages a better understanding of the formative teaching process and improves the learning process among the students.
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Why are the assessments of the students necessary in Ireland?

  • Throughout the entire unit, the school or college teachers might want to check the understanding of the students. Due to this reason, the formative assessment is necessary for clearing the points regarding the specific lesson or unit.
  • Students who face difficulty while learning the unit can take benefit from the administration of the formative assessment test.
  • The assessment helps in detecting the learning issues like the inability to remember spoken words, reading comprehension problems, speech difficulties, hearing arguments, and many more.
  • The teachers can determine the level of achievement of the students by conducting a short assessment test after the completion of the topic.
  • It gives the teachers a chance to get feedback on the strength as well as weaknesses of the students on a specific topic.
  • For those students who are not capable of performing outstandingly in the assessment, teachers can make efficient plans for clearing their doubts.
  • The students can find out where they are lacking and how they can improve their knowledge for scoring top assessment grades.
  • Sometimes the teachers can use informal ways of assessments. Using the assessment performance, the students can get information about what areas they need to revise and in which areas they are right.

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High range of functions served by assessment in Ireland

In addition to the formal assessment tests, there are certain activities or the test functions which are useful for testing the performance of students.

  • Screening: It helps in identifying the students who require a more comprehensive explanation or early intervention. The teachers can adopt specific steps to enhance the global skills among the students.
  • Referral: It uses the results of conducted tests to determine the learning level of the students. With the help of the current performance acknowledgment, the students can modify their reasoning and learning performance smoothly.
  • Classification: It involves the underlying observation from the thinking capacity of the students. It accesses the teaching services based on predetermined data and enhances the performance of the students in assessment.
  • Monitoring progress: It can include formal or informal tests to review the student’s level of achievement. After taking the new formal assessment, the students can compare their performance with the previous record of success.
  • Instructional planning: It is mainly used to develop the individual learning plan among the students. Whatever be the used criteria of conducting the tests, it helps in enhancing the knowledge of the students regarding the subjective topic.
  • Developing understanding: It leads to better understanding and making the difference in the acceptance of the learning knowledge for students, teachers, and parents.
  • Empowering the students: It encourages the students of Ireland to develop specific strategies along with the solvation ways to self-manage problems. It is beneficial for the students to focus on the learning capacity correctly.

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