Details of Cairnes Graduate School, Ireland

J.E Cairnes School of Business and Economics is one of the graduate schools of NUI Galway which open up to provide a healthy high- impact environment to its student so they can stable themselves in the highly competitive business market and become an all-rounder.

The J.E Cairnes School of Business and Economics has its contribution towards society and industry through quality engagement and its research techniques.

The school offer a huge range of almost (2000) postgraduate and undergraduate courses and executive programme to deliver the employment skills in individual so they can stable in the highly compatible marketplace.

The faculties play an immensely important role in student’s success by delivering the lecture in unique teaching skills including face-to-face teaching, group-based project work and by proving professional mentoring to the students.

Courses offered by J.E Cairnes School of Business and Economics:

The school offers a wide range of courses based on business and economics so all the students related to the Business, economics, marketing, finance, and management can get a chance to study in this school.

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Undergraduate courses:

The school offers a list of almost 11 undergraduate3 years programmes for the students to enhance their skills in the respective area.

  1. Bachelors of Arts (Joint Honours): it is a two-subject combination to a degree programme.
  2. Bachelors of Arts (Public and Social Policy): a student study about the public and social policies.
  3. Bachelors of Commerce: covers the study of all area related to the business commerce.
  4. Bachelors of Science (Business Informative System): this is a 4-year undergraduate programme, covers the study of the modern business environment.
  5. Bachelors of Commerce (French): this course is designed to provide subject knowledge with an international French language.
  6. Bachelors of Commerce (Accounting): this is 3 year with a 1-year additional programme to provide knowledge who wants to choose a career in accounting.
  7. Bachelors of Commerce (German): this course is designed to provide subject knowledge with an international German language.
  8. Bachelors of Commerce (Spanish): this course is designed to provide subject knowledge with an international Spanish language.
  9. Bachelors of Commerce (Gaeilge): this is a 4 years bachelor’s degree programme with the study of the Irish language.
  10. Bachelors of Commerce (Global Experience): this is 4 years, new, and a business comprehensive course where the student studies the all different areas of business
  11. Bachelors of Financial Mathematics and Economics: this is a 4 year BSc degree programme.

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Postgraduate Taught Courses:

The school provides a huge range of postgraduate programme for the students who wants to gets the specialized knowledge on the subject.

  1. Masters in Accounting
  2. MSc in Business Analytics
  3. MCs in Digital Marketing
  4. MSc in Global Environmental Economics
  5. MSc in Human Resource Management
  6. MSc in Information System Management
  7. MSc in Health Economics
  8. MSc in Information System Management
  9. HDip in Business Studies
  10. HDip in Economic Science
  11. HDip In Innovation Management
  12. MSc in International Accounting & Analytics
  13. MSc in International Management
  14. MSc in Technology Management
  15. MSc in Sales & Marketing (Professional Selling & Sales Management)
  16. PDip in Technology and Commercialization
  17. MSc in Marketing (Technology & Innovation)
  18. MEconSc in Natural Resource Economics and Policy
  19. MSc in Strategy, Innovation and People Management
  20. MSc in Marketing Practice
  21. MSc in Marketing Management
  22. MSc in International Marketing & Exporting

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  • Postgraduate Research Courses: The school provide 5 type of postgraduate research course that is based on research.
  • Adult and Continuing Education: To provide the knowledge to enhance student’s knowledge regarding the current market and global trends offers a huge range of courses.
  • Executive Education: To enhance the skills of a professional person it provides an executive masters MBA programme.
  • MBA Programme: This programme is based on a real business based challenge and prepares a student to stable themselves in global marketing by imparting their skills, knowledge, and confidence.

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