Details of Cistercian College, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

Cistercian is a Roman Catholic a private boarding school in Ireland. This is a boy’s school which was established in 1905.

Cistercian College follows a Catholic tradition of prayer, work, study and recreation and encourages the Catholic faith in the students. The school provide a holistic education where they give emphasis on every student and provide support and guidance to develop their specific talent and reach to the maximum potential.

The education programme is based on the development of maturity and responsibility in the students. The school has the aim to nurture every student to respect them self, respect to others, respect the college’s core values, respect the dignity of other people in the school and respect the reputation of the college.

The Students get a holistic education through academic, sports and musical programme focusing on each student’s physical, emotional and spiritual growth. The school nurture every student in a caring and safe environment and ensure that every student develops their core value and stand for their life.

Academic programme offered by Cistercian College:

The Cistercian College provides an academic excellence programme and achieves an outstanding number of entrants to the University. This is a boarding school which helps the student to be more focused towards their studies.

The programme is focused on developing the skills of a competitive world and releases their full potential, qualities, and talent.

  • Junior Cycle: A student complete this cycle in 3 years. It offers huge subjects such as English, Irish, German, French, Science, History, Arts, Music, Geography, Business Studies, Maths, Religion, Chinese, Choir, Coding, Wellbeing, and Public Speaking.
  • Senior Cycle: The students’ complete senior cycle in 2 years where they chose seven to nine subjects from the list of subjects according to their interest. Students get full career guidance from a team of counsellor which help every student to identify their potential and advise them with career options.
  • A huge list of subjects offers at senior cycle including Mathematics, English, Irish, History, Science, Geography, Music, Art, German, French, Spanish, Auricular Science, Design & Communication Graphics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Accounting, Economics and Business.
  • Transition Year: This is bridge between Junior and senior Cycle which emphasis on preparing the student for changing approaches of education and development in college curriculum in senior level.
  • In this one year, a student will enhance personal development and decision making skills, maturity and self-esteem.

How to take admission at Cistercian College:

To take admission in the school through the application form available online on the school’s website.

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