Details of Gonzaga College, Sandford Road, Dublin 6, Ireland

Gonzaga College is a day school for boys which were founded in 1950 under the direction of the Society of Jesus. The school educate its students with an objective to form such skills which will help them to become capable to live in the society and contribute to the society which they belong.

The school enable the students to become ideal of excellence in all the aspect of life including spiritual, intellectual and moral. The Gonzaga College is a Jesuit School where a Catholic community is working to establish gospel values in the local, international and national students.

The mission of the Gonzaga College is the holistic development of the individual student which is based on the excellence in his academic, physical, cultural and spiritual growth.

Why study at Gonzaga College:

  • The study pattern follows the Jesuit Education which is based on “Cura personalis” (care for persona) and the God. Such education helps to improve spiritual spirit in the students and help them to become competent and confident professional personnel.
  • Student attends Spiritual Exercise twice in his training period which consists of
    meditation and contemplation of the bedrock of Jesus Spirituality.
  • The education enables the student to recognize his own values and unique set of talent.
  • The projects provided in the Jesuit education will enhance the critical thinking in the students.
  • The curriculum is based on traditional study pattern which involves the study of Greek and Latin at the junior cycle and eight subjects at senior cycle.
  • The Gonzaga College is among the top five Jesuit School in Ireland.

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Admission at Gonzaga College:

The Gonzaga College is one of the reputed colleges in Ireland which is renowned for its academic excellence. Initially, the college used to take examinations for the admission which has been later on discontinued by the government. Now to take admission in the college the students and their parents have to clear the interview.

Campus life at Gonzaga College:

The Gonzaga College is located in Dublin city in Ireland. The college has covered almost 3.7 km area which includes a library, clock tower, chapel, science block, priests’ residence and a theatre.

The students have a huge ground for the sports include rugby, tennis, golf, and cricket but the primary focus of the sport is in rugby.

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Sports and other activities:

The college has almost all the sports facility in the campus which include golf, badminton, cricket, cheese, athletics, rugby, sailing, soccer, swimming and tennis.

As well as the sports activities the college has so many extracurricular activities including music, arts, science, drama, photography, debate, astronomy and movie making where the students get a chance to develop their many skills.

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