Details of Holy Child School, Military Road, Killiney, Co. Dublin – 500, Ireland

Holy Child is a post-primary only girl’s school in Ireland which was established in 1947. The school is located at military road, Killiney in co. Dublin.

Holy Child School provides an academic excellence programme to its students to in a happy and caring environment to nurture intellectual curiosity and an enthusiasm for learning.

The Holy Child School educate its students through an academic programme and extracurricular programme to provide them with a relaxed yet energetic environment to fulfil their potential and diversity.

The school provide its holistic education where they encourage and enthuse every student with a parent, teacher and student partnership.

The school has an aim to provide joyful learning and a challenging environment to every student so they can become a woman with faith, resilience, competent and a confident woman who is capable to make their own decision and live their life with enrichment.

The Curriculum offered at Holy Child School

The Holy Child School provide a learning environment, emphasis on individual talent development and helps them to reach their maximum talent. A student can complete her education at Holy Child School in 6 years. The school offers a National Curriculum at the junior and senior levels.

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Transition Year:

The transition year is a compulsory one year after junior year which creates a bridge between both levels and ensures the student’s development so they can prepare for senior-level with being an independent and self-directed woman.

Development Beyond the classroom:

Holy Child School offers a complete education programme inside and outside the classroom that enables every girl to release their full potential. To explore their talent school offers a huge range of extracurricular programmes including sports such as hockey, basketball, athletics, aerobics, tennis and equestrian and non-sports activities such as music, drama, society, debate etc.

The school offer a huge range of activities so a student can participate according to their interest.

Admission to Holy Child School:

Holy Child is a Catholic education day school for Irish girls. A student can take admitted to the school from the age of 12 through the admission form only. Forms are available on the school’s website.

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