Details of Mount Anville Schools, Goatstown, Dublin 14, Ireland

Mount Anville School founded by the nuns of the Society of the Sacred Heart in 1853. The school educates its students with an aim to develop spiritual valves, emotional maturity and physical abilities and to make them independent. This is a private only girl’s school for post-primary studies.

The education is provided in Mount Anville School to develop responsible person of the society, a confident person has strong faith in Christ, an active person who loves everyone.

Parents association at Mount Anville School:

Parent association is a committee of twelve members which allows parents to work together in the school for the better development of the students. The committee members are elected through the election procedure where 2 parents of each class (1st year to 6th year) are elected.

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The curriculum of Mount Anville School:

Mount Anville School is a post-primary school where a student studies for 6 years. The whole curriculum is covered through 3 levels such as junior level, transition year and senior year.

  • Junior level: This is 3-years long level where a student 12 compulsory subjects such as Irish, English, science, history, geography, mathematics, keyboard skills, RE, PE, CSPE (civil, social, & political education) and Latin and 2 more subjects which they can choose among German, French, Home Economics, Music, Business Studies, Arts and Spanish.
  • Transition Year: This is one year in between junior and leaving certificate years which has a strong emphasis on skill-based learning and promotes the student’s emotional, personal, social, vocational and aesthetic development.
  • Senior Level: This is the 6th year the final year which has an aim to the full development of each student including moral & spiritual growth; emotional & social growth; intellectual growth; technical and scientific growth.

At this level, a student studies 6 compulsory subjects such as Irish, English, mathematics, RE, PE and SPHE and 4 further subjects among the

  • Art/history/geography/music
  • Accounting/Business/ Economics
  • Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Social & Scientific Home Economics
  • German/Spinach/French
  • Classical Studies/Applied Mathematics

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Extracurricular and Sports activities at Mount Anville School:

The school provide a huge range of extracurricular activities including student council, orchestra, chamber music, junior choir and UKULELE clubs and many sports facilities such as hockey, basketball, badminton, cross community and GAA.

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