Details of Patrician High School, Carrickmacross, Ireland

Patrician High School is a secondary school located in Ireland. This is a school for Catholic boys to provide them education excellence with sound Christian principles.

Patrician High School aims toward educational development and fulfils all the educational needs of its student in a secure environment. The school helps to nurture the growth of responsibility in its students so they can play a perfect role in their family and society.

Patrician High School is educating the Catholic sons from 1902 and has gained more than 100 years of experience of education. The school helps in the personal, physical, spiritual, creative and academic development of a student.

The school provide a supportive teacher and parent partnership to develop Christian principles in the students and prepare them for their bright future. The main purpose of the education is to develop a educate student and a mature citizen so they can lead in their future.

Curriculum provided in Patrician High School:

Patrician High School is a secondary school where a student gets his 6 years of education. The school’s curriculum is provided through the junior level and senior level.

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Junior Level Certificate Subjects:

Junior level subjects are divided into 5 categories such as Core subjects, wellbeing subjects, optional subjects, optional short course and compulsory short courses.

A student study 4 core subjects in this his junior level such as English, Mathematics, Science and Gaeilge.

Wellbeing Subjects are based on the physical development of students and a student studies many subjects such as CSPE, SPHE, religious education, physical education and transition guidance.

There are some Optional Subjects from whom a student chooses according to his interest in French, Business Studies, Technical Graphics, History, Geography, Material Technology Wood and Art Craft Design.

A student can choose among Optional Short Courses such as Mechatronics, Coding, Philosophy, Chinese Language, Sustainable Technology and Artistic Performance.

Physical Education is a Compulsory Short Course for every student.

Senior Level Certificate Subjects:

This level is the last 2 years of a student where he will study Core subjects, optional subjects and non-exam subjects.

Gaeilge, Mathematics and English are core subjects which are compulsory for every student.

Religious education is also a compulsory subject for the students but they don’t have to give any exam for this subject.

There is a list of optional subjects; a student chooses the subjects among them as per their interest and knowledge. The subjects are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Material Technology Wood, Business Studies, Accounting, History, Geography, LCVP, Agricultural Science, Design & Communication Graphics, Economics and French.

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Extra Curricular activities:

Patrician High School provides many sports and non-sports activities to encourage all the students. Non-sporting activities are chess, school trips, quiz competition, theatre and Young Pioneer clubs. The students can participate in such activities according to their year of educations.

How to take admission in the Patrician High School:

You can apply to take admission in the school through the online application form.

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