Details of Presentation Brothers College, Mardyke, Cork City, Ireland

Presentation Brothers College was founded in1887 as a post-primary school. The college continues with the traditional educational system which is based on Catholic Ethos and this is a school for the boys only. The college is situated in the region of Cork and runs under the trusteeship of presentation brother school trust (PBST).

Presentation Brothers College offers 6-years of the program with a clear purpose to create emotionally, intellectually and socially mature students. The college considers all students as their family member and develop their ethics and prepare them mentally to respect every person.

The studies are based on a positive approach and encourage students to be responsible for their own behaviour. The college has an aim to develop a confident student with enhancing their competencies and skills for the life.

Programme offered by the Presentation Brothers College:

One student can complete its secondary education in 6 years in this college. The curriculum is delivered in 6 years in the following parts such as Junior Cycle, Transition Year and Senior Cycle.

The course has an aim to provide every student with optimising learning experience in a very fair and equitable manner. This college is considered as the top college in Ireland for the secondary education.

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Junior Cycle:

Junior Cycle is completed in 3 years where a student will learn in his 1st year many languages such as Irish, English, French, German and Latin with the history, mathematics, Science and Business Studies and religious subjects.

In the 2nd and 3rd year a student studies 9 subjects where he gets a chance to choose one language (subject) among the Latin, French and German and study the 5 compulsory subjects including Irish, Mathematics, Science, Business and English and choose 3 subjects among Art, History, Geography, French, German, Religious Subject, Latin and Short Courses.

Transition Year and Senior Cycle:

The transition year is a one year time which is the 4th year and remaining 2-years will be the senior year where a student studies 7 examination and 2 non-examination subjects.

The motive of the transition year career programme is to create awareness of a student with his abilities, interest, strengths and skills. Such awareness is created by different training and development programme with the courses information and college requirements. This programme ensures that a student is capable to take rigorous decisions in the senior cycle.

PBC Guidance Programme:

PBC guidance programme is designed to provide a comprehensive guide to its students in all 6 years and meet up with the needs of every student and fulfill their requirements with providing them with a career, educational and personal & social guidance.

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Student life at PBC:

The college offers so many sports activities including rowing, rugby, cricket, soccer, football, sailing, tennis, golf and basketball and a wealth of extracurricular activities such as drama society, S.H.A.R.E, young scientist, preslink, debating, quizzes, maths Olympiads and essay writing and many cultural and leisure time activities.

The school provides a secure, happy and conducive learning environment for its students. The college is having very strict rules and regulation which maintain the college community spirit.

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