Details of Sandford Park School, Sandford Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6, Ireland

Sandford Park is an independent day school located in Sandford Road, Ranelagh, Dublin in Ireland. This is a secondary co-educational school which was established in 1922. Initially, this was a boy’s school which was later on in 2013 became a co-educational school.

Sandford Park School provides its education to its students to equip them with the skills so they can become a creative thinker, critical analyzer and efficient communicator.

Sandford Park School is a place where a student gets a homily environment and gets love, care and respect through strong teacher-student partnership. The school focus on the individual’s need and interest and encourage them to exceed their potential inside and outside the classroom and help them to be self-confident.

The curriculum offered by Sandford Park School:

Sandford Park School offers a board-based, liberal yet challenging education to provide an academic excellence to its students. The curriculum of the school is divided into 2 group namely junior certificate level and senior certificate level.

    • Junior Certificate Level: Junior Level is the very important year of student’s development. The school provides a huge range of curriculum at this level that allows them to make an informed choice about their interest subjects they wish to carry in their senior level.

List of subject’s studies at junior level includes Irish, English, Mathematics, French, History, Science, Geography, Visual Arts, Business, Arts, P.E, Spanish, I.T., S.P.H.E., and C.S.P.E.

    • Transition Year: This is a compulsory one year in the Sandford Park School for every student. This programme is designed with academic, vocational, personal, social and cultural activities. These activities help to improve a wealth of skills and talents in the students.

In this year a student studies Irish, English, Mathematics and French subjects.

    • Leaving Certificate Level: A student study 2 years at this level. At this level, a student gets the best guidance on subject choice from career guidance, parents, teachers, students and counselor so they can get maximum outcomes of their potential.

The main goal of this year is to develop an all-rounder leader through fully rounded education equip with rigours academic study and co-curricular activities.

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Extracurricular Activities at Sandford Park School:

  • Sports activities: Sandford Park School provides a huge range of extracurricular sports activities including Rugby, Hockey, Badminton, Tennis, Cricket, Basketball and Athletics to provide all students with a fun and enjoyable environment at the school and to improve the sporting spirit and overall development.
  • Non-Sports activities: Sandford Park offers many non-sports activities at school such as Music, Drama, and Debate, film Club, Science Club, School Trips and Student Council.

Admission at Sandford Park School:

A student can take admission at Sandford Park School through application form which available on the school’s website.

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