Details of St Louis Secondary School, Carrickmacross, Ireland

St Louis is a Catholic school provides secondary education to the girls. The school was established in 1880. The school follows a traditional education of providing a high standard of a caring environment for women.

St Louis provides holistic education to its students to nurture spirituality values of curtsey, respect and love for others in students and develop their talent to the high potential. The students a get a high range of extra-curricular activities so they can develop their abilities in a challenging environment.

The education is based on the excellence in academic, sports, cultural, and creative pursuit and a student will get an active support of faculties by the healthy student-teacher partnership.

The school provides a friendly environment to its students so they can take responsibility for their own actions, recognize the importance of spirituality and hold the love and respect for the people they live with.

St Louis provides a quality of teaching and learning to its students by offering a warm friendly environment at the school. The school has a mixed-ability system which allows the students to achieve their high potential in all subjects and gain the best results in their education classes.

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    • Curriculum at St. Louis: The curriculum is divided into 3 parts: the junior cycle, the transition year and the leaving certificate year.
    • Junior cycle: In the 1st year of the junior cycle the students study all the subjects so later on, they can choose according to their interest and knowledge.

A student studies various subjects at a junior level such as Irish, English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, French, RE, PE, CSPE, SPHE, Music, Home Economics, Arts, and Business studies.

    • Transition Year: This is a year between Junior and Senior Level which aim at a student’s personal, vocational, social and educational development so a student can be a responsible member of the society.
    • Leaving Certificate: This is a 2 years programme where a student studies 7 subjects, among them 3 are compulsory subjects including Irish, English and Mathematics and choose 4 subjects according to their interest among the Geography, French, History, Arts, Business, Accounting, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Economics and Music.
    • Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme: This is an optional particle programme which a student can choose along with its 7 leaving certificate subjects to experience the real-working life.
    • Leaving Certificate Applied Programme: This programme is designed for those students who do not want to directly for third level certificate programme.

Extra-curricular activities:

St Louis offers a huge range of extra-curricular activities to develop the student’s skills and abilities. The school’s ladies have represented their school many times at national levels. The school offers a variety of sports including football, golf, horse-riding, basketball, athletics, triathlon and camogie.

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How to take admission at St Louis:

To take admission in 1st year you can directly download the enrolment form available on school’s website and can post into school and to take admission in another year, a parent has to contact in school’s office.

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