Details of St Macartan’s College, Monaghan, Ireland

St Macartan’s College is located in the North Monaghan in Ireland. This is an exclusive boy’s school to provide secondary education. The school is consistently providing its traditional education which is based on academic excellence. Many of the school’s graduates are working at the very reputed position in Ireland and abroad.

The school was established in 1840 and formerly it was a boy’s boarding school but now it is working as a modern secondary school and educating more than 700 students.

The school provides a healthy environment to nurture the Christian value to respect others, maturity, tolerance and care of other) in the students. St Macartan’s College develops a caring and a young adult who will positively and creatively contribute in the society.

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Academics at St Macartan’s College:

The education covers in 3 phrases: junior cycle, transition year, senior cycle.

The St Macartan’s College provides a huge range of subjects for the junior and senior level. A student can select the subjects according to their interest and ability under the guidance of their parents and teachers. Some subjects are compulsory at both levels.

    • Junior Cycle: This is a first 3 years of a children’s school. The students can choose its subjects among Science, German, French, Music, Art & Craft, Business Studies, Geography, History, Technology, Technical Graphics, Material Technology Wood, Physical Education, Civil, political, Social education, ICT & Coding, Social & Personal & Health education.

Compulsory subjects: Irish, English, Religion and Maths.

  • Transition Year: This is an optional one year programme for every student pass the junior level. This is a year when a student gets a chance to participate in many activities and develop a student’s personal, vocational, social and educational abilities and help them to become a responsible, participative, autonomous member of the society.
  • Senior Cycle/ Leaving certificate programme: St Macartan’s College offers a three distinct programme at this level.
  • Established Leaving certificate Programme: This is a most common programme undertaken by its students. In this programme, a student studies 6-7subjects including the compulsory subject English, Irish, Maths and religious. Most students choose this programme because most of the universities require these courses.
  • Leaving certificate vocational programme: This programme is similar to leaving certificate programme where a student studies 5 traditional subjects where the 2 subjects must be in the list of vocational courses. This programme helps the students to find their potential for innovation and self-directed learning.
  • Leaving Certifies Applied Programme: This programme consists of three elements such as vocational education, general education and vocational preparation.

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Extracurricular and sports at St Macartan’s College:

The school offers a huge range of extracurricular activities such as debating, Music, Choir and Charitable fundraising, to develop the skills and creativity in its students.

The school offers a wide range of sports such as badminton, basketball, football, golf, rugby, hurling, handball, and soccer.

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