Details of St. Mary’s College – Rathmines, Ireland

St. Mary’s College is a boy’s primary and secondary school which was established in 1890 by the Holy Ghost Order.

The school has followed the tradition in its education which imparts faith for the community in the students and the learning that focused on the development of idealism, wisdom in the mind to know the people and understand what is right.

This is a small school with 450 students at the secondary level where everyone knows everybody. This is an academic school where a student can complete its academic school education at primary and secondary level.

Admission procedure at St. Mary’s College:

Every year the seats for the 1st year will be decided by Board of Management. Many students come from St. Mary’s Junior School and the others come from other primary schools.

The application form is available in the school’s office or a parent can download it from the website.

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Child Welfare at St. Mary’s College:

The school has a child’s welfare programme for student’s protection. The school has set rules and regulation for the code of conduct that ensure a good learning environment supporting discipline system of school. A discipline is necessary for the security and safety of students.

The school believes that by adhering to the code of discipline and rules and regulation can ensure a safe and friendly environment for the students so they can learn to study, work and relate in a positive way.

Academic at St. Mary’s School:

This is an academic primary and secondary school. The emphasis of education is on rigorous study programme which is assessed through home works and a continuous monitoring on the progression of a student.

The school provide the national curriculum to its students in an innovative and modern way. The whole programme is divided into 4 parts:

    • First Year: A student study many compulsory subjects such as English, Irish, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Business Studies, Religious Education, SPHE, CSPE, and Physical Education and choose one among German and French.Study Modules in Technology, Arts, Music and Classics.
    • Junior Cycle: A student study many compulsory subjects such as English, Irish, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Business Studies, Religious Education, SPHE, CSPE, and Physical Education and choose one among German and French.Choose one from Music, Art, Technology, Classics or the second continental language.
    • Transition Year: This is a compulsory year after junior cycle. The emphasis in this year is to development of a student and provides them real life work experience.
    • Senior Cycle: Compulsory subjects are English, Irish and Mathematics and one among French and Germany. Choose 3 subjects among Accounting, Business, Science, History, Geography, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Art and Technology.

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