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The Leaving Cert or Leaving Certificate is useful for the selection into further education, training programs, higher studies, and even for employment. The students require having pass grades in Mathematics, Irish, and English to gain entry in the Ireland University. The concept of failing a Leaving Certificate examination is not applicable in Ireland. The Leaving Cert serves as a valuable lesson for the students.

What do students mean by Leaving Cert?

The Leaving Cert examination refers to the final examination of post-primary education. The exams are organized at the end of the Senior Cycle, which outfits for the students in-between the 15-18 year of age. The exam sits at levels 4 and 5 of the NFQ and the curriculum takes a minimum of 2 years to cover. However, some of the students pick the examination for an additional ‘Transitional Year’.

The final exam for most of the students will take place 2-3 years after the Junior Certificate Examination. The students with 17 or 18 years of age who have completed their 5 or 6 years of post-primary education can sit for the examination. The eligibility to sit for the examination is not restricted to the students of post-primary schools.

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What are Leaving Certificate Programs?

There are three distinctive programs with distinct outcomes. Each program supports the principles of secondary education and organizes the student for society, work, and education.

  • Established Leaving Certificate: The program introduced in 1924 serves as one of the most common programs taken by the students. The minimum six subjects are examined in this program, which includes compulsory Irish. The students can take six, seven subjects, or more subjects under this program.
  • Leaving Certificate Vocational Program: This program is familiarized as a more practical supplement to the conventional Leaving Certificate. Many students find this program similar to the established Leaving Certificate. The program is helpful for the students to recognize their potential for innovation, learning, and enterprise. The students have to take at least five traditional subjects and choosing Irish is a must. Additionally, the students should study two Link Modules, modern European Language, Preparation for the World of Work, and Enterprise Education.
  • Leaving Certificate Applied: It is the third variant of the Leaving Certificate that prepares the students for working life. It comprises of three elements namely; General Education, Vocational Education, and Vocational Preparation. It is well-designed for those students who want to progress to third-level education. However, the students whose aspirations or needs are not effectively satisfied by the other two programs can continue this one.

What are the subjects available for the Leaving Certificate?

The Leaving Certificate examination is offered in the following subjects:

  • Irish
  • Latin
  • English
  • German
  • Geography
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Ancient Greek
  • Hebrew Studies
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • History
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Agricultural Science
  • Engineering
  • Design and Communication Graphics
  • Japanese
  • Music
  • Russian
  • Construction Studies
  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Religious Education
  • Technology
  • Classical Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Home Economics
  • Art

However, the students are not allowed to take the following subject combinations:

  • Classical Studies and Latin
  • Economics and Agricultural Economics
  • Classical Studies and Ancient Greek

What is the process for Leaving Certificate subjects?

Each Leaving Certificate subject is studied at one of the three levels namely; Higher Level, Ordinary Level, and Foundation Level. All the subjects can be taken at either Higher or Ordinary Level except Irish and Mathematics, which are taken at Foundation Level. There are certain subjects that are printed in a combined Irish and English format such as German or French. These

Bonus points for Maths

For H6 grades and above it, 25 bonus points will get awarded for Higher Level Mathematics. For instance, if the students receive an H6 grade then an additional 25 points will get added. It means that for the 46 points already scored for H6 grade, the students can carry a point score of 71.

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What is the format of the Leaving Certificate examination?

There are numerous ways to examine Leaving Certificate subjects. It can include at least one written paper for Mathematics, English, Irish, and other optional courses comprise of two written papers. Generally, the language courses test the writing, listening, and conversation skills of the students.

  • Oral refers to the spoken section of the exams. It proceeds some months before the written exams.
  • Aural refers to the listening section of the exams. It proceeds in the same weeks as the written exam.

The wide range of subjects in the arts and science involves the creation of the physical project and keeping records is a must in this case. The work is well-designed to offer efficient proof of the student’s abilities. However, every project is not examined deeply. The inspectors randomly select the school and examine the small selection of the projects each year. The main purpose is to check the standard.

There are some subjects such as Art and technology, which require practical examination. The test help is adequately supervised by an external examiner. Additionally, during the academic session, practical science subjects are partly studied by the assignments assigned to the students. The assigned assignments help the students to put their theoretical knowledge into real practice and prepare a knowledge assignment.

What Leaving Certificate courses are available in Ireland?

  • Irish Foundation Level Leaving Certificate
  • Leaving Certificate Accounting
  • Leaving Certificate Biology
  • Leaving Certificate Irish
  • Leaving Certificate Business
  • Leaving Certificate Chemistry
  • Leaving Certificate German
  • Leaving Certificate Maths
  • Leaving Certificate History
  • Leaving Certificate Economics
  • Leaving Certificate English
  • Leaving Certificate French
  • Leaving Certificate Physics
  • Leaving Certificate Geography
  • Leaving Certificate Spanish
  • Leaving Cert Maths (Ordinary Level)
  • Leaving Certificate English (Higher Level)
  • Leaving Certificate French (Ordinary and Higher Level)
  • Leaving Certificate History (Ordinary and Higher Level)
  • Leaving Certificate- Irish Higher Level
  • Leaving Certificate Mathematics- Higher Level
  • Leaving Certificate Spanish (Ordinary and Higher Level)
  • Leaving Certificate Applied Mathematics

What are Leaving Certificate assignments assigned to Irish students?

  • Leaving Certificate Design and Communication Graphics– The assignment involves the knowledge of comprehension and analyzing. Additionally, communicating information is present verbally or graphically. The students have to focus on the main areas of study including Communication of Design and Computer Graphics, Plane and Descriptive Geometry, and Applied Graphics.
  • Leaving Certificate Accounting– The assignment assigned to the students provides knowledge and skills in financial management and accounting. The students gaining learning experiences through this assignment develop their organization, planning, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The students can also enhance their numeracy skills within the context of enterprise and business.
  • Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science: It includes the study of science along with technology-based on agriculture principles. The assigned assignment aims to develop attitudes and efficient skills that promote the sustainability of agricultural resources. The students have to study how plants and animals are associated with agriculture.
  • Leaving Certificate English: The coursework invites the students to explore the language. It promotes a range of oral and literacy skills in a diversity of personal, social, and cultural areas. The students have to research in-depth to collect theoretical material for preparing English assignments in the senior cycle.
  • Leaving Certificate Business: It aware of the students with the importance of business activity. The assignment assigned to the students helps them to advance positive and ethical attitudes towards the enterprise. The learning experience gained by the students through the business assignment enhances their creative, critical, and organizational skills. The students get a chance to explore their career in marketing, law, business, management, and enterprise.
  • Leaving Certificate Construction Studies: The students have to research about the construction materials, technology, and innovative ideas for preparing construction studies assignment. The students get a chance to communicate their ideas and apply the information accurately by exploring variant processes.
  • Leaving Certificate Art: The practical assignment is assigned to the students pursuing this coursework. It can include Still Life, Imaginative Composition, Life Sketching, Design and Craftswork, and many more. It is beneficial for students to focus on visual experience and gain efficient knowledge.
  • Leaving Certificate Biology: For preparing assignments on biology coursework, the students have to explore the diversity of life. The students have to research about the links between the organisms and the environment. The assignment enables the students to become aware of the living organisms.
  • Leaving Certificate Chemistry: The chemistry assignment aims to provide a foundation course for the students through which they can gain practical knowledge. The students have to research about the practical concepts along with the theoretical topics for preparing chemistry assignment.

How Leaving Cert beneficial for students?

  • Enhance critical thinking:

One of the major advantages of a Leaving Certificate is that it promotes critical thinking skills among students. The students get assigned with day-to-day tasks and they have to think analytically while performing in the activity. The examiner removes predictability from the test to check whether the student can think critically or not. Additionally, the students have to focus on the problem-solving techniques for solving the Leaving Certificate exam. Due to time constraints, the students have to face pressure in real practice and get a chance to demonstrate compatible skills.

  • Valuable lessons:

Undoubtedly, Leaving Cert teaches the students with treasured life lessons. The students have to work hard to qualify for the exam. During their preparation, they have to research in-depth about the topics and concepts until they clearly understand it. Some of the teachers can come under the pressure of administration and take lightly student assessments. However, assigning the students with Leaving Certificate assignments help the students to honestly focus on the task. There is no chance that the students will go for cheating and for the sake of getting a pass, they will give attention to their work.

  • Continuous assessment:

It is one of the significant reasons why everything in the senior cycle depends on the exam. Instead, Leaving Cert requires that students get assessed continuously and check their capabilities. Though homework projects and regular assignments are modes conducive to promote analytical thinking, this opens the door for duplicitous. Thus, Leaving Certificate is helpful in limiting the chances of cheating. The students are required to perform their project on their own. The teachers can encourage students by assigning different research papers so that they cannot take help from other classmates.

  • Equality:

In some of the schools, teachers try their best to make sure that every student gets a pass. It’s a sign of inequality for those students who work day and night and get the same marks as those students who are not even serious about their studies.

What if the student does not get a Leaving Certificate?

The students seeking to get admission to Irish College or University must have Leaving Certificate. If the students do not have Irish Leaving Certificate then they can proceed for the admission process. However, the Leaving Cert is not only beneficial to take admission, but it promotes critical thinking as well. The students not appearing for the examination cannot gain the technical and objective knowledge effectively.

There are many controversies on the status of the Irish language in the Leaving Certificate. Some scholars argue to make Irish as a mandatory language for Leaving Cert and some want to drop it as a lack of interest. There is also a dramatic decrease in the participation levels for the language. Additionally, some claim to divide the current curriculum into two separable subjects in which one compulsory subject concentrates on language and others focusing on poetry.

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