University The Open University (OU)
Subject 5N2428: Medical Secretary

Assignment Details:

This written assignment should be presented in an essay style and demonstrate that you have researched and understood the role of the Medical Secretary.

Ideally, your essay should be relevant to your current or previous work environment and practical work-based examples should be given to support your work. If you are not currently working within an organization, then you may complete this task in relation to an organization that you are familiar with.

You can use the headings in the table below to structure your essay.

1. Explore the impact of 3 legislative acts on the provision of health services and your role as a Medical Secretary.

2. Explore the impact of 3 legislative acts on the provision of health services and your role as a Medical Secretary.

3. Identify and describe a minimum of two sources of information for a Medical Secretary working in a Healthcare setting.

4. Discuss the importance of patient safety and confidentiality and the impact this has on your role as a Medical Secretary.

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Sample Case Studies

Case 1:

Mr. Dunne is an 81 ​y/o M ​who was admitted into the ​A&E​ at 23:45 hours on 01/11/2018. He was suffering from ​dyspepsia ​and complaining of pain in his abdomen. His ​BP ​and ​TPR ​were taken. He was left feeling very weak and ​anemic ​after a recent episode of ​haematemesis​. The presence of a large ulcer was discovered following a ​gastroscopy​ and a ​barium​​enema​. Mr. Dunne will be admitted to Ward 11B of The Lourdes Hospital where he will be monitored and has been scheduled for a partial ​gastrectomy​.

Case 2:

Ms. Stacey is a 26 y/o female who was admitted to the hospital after being involved in a car accident. She has sustained an ​Fx​of her rt radius and lt femur. She also has ​lacerations​on her face, arms, and chest, several of which will require stitches. The patient was ​A/O ​when admitted into the hospital and her ​NOK ​was contacted upon her arrival. Her past Hx was clear of any other illness. A cast was applied to her radius and she will receive surgery where an internal ​fixation​of the femur will be performed. Following this, the patient will be referred to as ​OT​ and ​PT ​to receive follow up therapy. A referral has also been made regarding skin ​grafts​due to her facial injuries.

Case 3:

Mrs. O’Rourke was admitted to the ​ER ​having suffered a severe ​myocardial​​infarction ​(MI). She has a ​Hx​of ​angina​due to ​ischemia​and also suffers from ​hypertension​. The patient’s BP and TPR were taken and a complete ​H&P ​was carried out. Mrs. O’Rourke was treated with antiarrhythmic​ drugs, ​diuretics​, and ​anticoagulants​. It is hoped that she will be discharged into the care of her eldest daughter in approx. ​3/52​. However, she may need some respite care following this. A referral to the social work department has been made regarding discharge planning.

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