An exploration of social workers perceptions and experiences of substance misuse in young adults


  • To understand the challenges faced by social workers when rendering services to young adult drug users
  • To understand social worker’s views about young adult drug addiction
  • To have an understanding about the programmes and services rendered to young adult drug users

Literature review

  1. Galvani & Forrester (2011), How well prepared are Newly Qualified Social workers for Working with Substance Use Issues?

Questionnaires disseminated via email to 2914 newly qualified Social workers

284 questionnaires returned


Inadequately prepared for working with substance misuse issues

Little input during qualifying education

More future training needs

  1. Alcohol and other Drug Use: The roles and Capabilities of Social workers by Sarah Galvani (2015).


Many social work and social care professionals are not clear of what they should be doing in relation to substance use

  1. Taylor and Francis (2017), Social work and substance use: ecological perspective on workforce development

Web based survey of 216 graduate social work programmes

Only four with a mandatory substance use component

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