B9AC106 Analysis of Financial Statements Dublin Business School


  1. Analyse and discuss its financial performance and financial position. Your analysis will be supported by appropriate and relevant ratio calculations and explanatory comments. Trends should be identified and analysed. All workings to be presented. 45 marks
  2. Recommend ONE initiative the company might take in order to improve the position as shown by your analysis of the ratios. Make whatever assumptions you wish [stating them clearly] and estimate the impact on existing ratios. 20 marks
  3. A competitor organisation wishes to buy 15% of your company’s shares.
    Estimate the value of a 15% stake, using at least two valuation methods, showing and explaining your workings, and analysing the difference/relationship between your valuations. 20 marks
  4. An elderly [aged 85] relative of yours has asked you whether they should invest in the company’s shares. Your relative is looking to minimise risk and maximise income. Advise them accordingly. 15 marks
  5. Total = 100

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