Business Strategy Paper for Ireland Students

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon believes education is the next great frontier and he wants to be a leader in the field. He wants an innovative new business solution to position Amazon as a market leader, a new way to deliver education to consumers. To understand the opportunities within the market place he has commissioned a leading consultancy firm to prepare a pitch. Jeff is keen to enter the market quickly but he will want to ensure costs are managed and existing expertise leveraged. The consultancy firm is to prepare a concise presentation to outline the following: –

A description of the business opportunity detailing the proposed solution e.g. what need is being met and why – The proposed business model to include value proposition, competencies and revenue model – The intended target market segments and the route to those markets e.g. the customer and channels to them – The ecosystem needed to develop, deliver and support the product/service – Competitors within the sector, how you might compete with them and how to manage the threat of entry or rivalry – Approach to market testing the solution –

How to promote the solution within the target market e.g. how to build the user base – Finally, recommendations to Jeff on the next steps e.g. how to build the business plan and validate the opportunities Jeff has a short attention span, he does not want a lecture on business strategy, he needs to know the facts and therefore the presentation must detail the key information to allow him to evaluate the above points and make investment decisions. Your firm has been honoured with the opportunity to prepare the presentation and to present the findings to Jeff. [100 marks]

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