Analyze the case study in relation to the challenges that Acorn had to manage based on the advice and actions of the consultants and answer the following questions:

Questions Mark

  1. Analyze the relationship between Acorn and the consultancy company
    in relation to:
  • At the start of the consultancy process (Entry Stage), what could
    both Acorn and the consultancy company have done differently
    to establish a good consulting relationship?
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Acorn using an
    external consultant. Would Acorn have had a better outcome if
    they had not engaged the consultants?
  • Discuss the model of consultant that Acorn expected and why
    they had this expectation e.g. Expert, Doctor-Patient or
  • Analyze and discuss the consultant’s behavior from an ethical perspective.

Link your answers back to the relevant theory

2) How could Acorn have ensured that the positive culture that existed before the change was maintained during the transition period

  • Discuss the culture that existed and what is involved in creating
    a positive culture within the organization
  • Discuss the issues that negatively impacted the culture and
    what could have been done to reduce the negative impact?
    Analyze and discuss the challenges to both parties when clients
    and consultants are from different cultures
  • What should be considered when working with different
  • Who should adapt their culture to suit the needs/values of the
    other party? Provide a solid argument for why you believe this.
    Refer to the relevant theory in your answer.
    e.g. Maslow, Herzberg, Theory X & Y, etc

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