Assignment Task:-

1. Choose an economic or social issue that you know about that you think public policy (government) action could solve or help to address.
2. Write the first draft of a policy paper on the matter. Then revise and edit the first draft to produce a second draft paper.

You may write a paper from one of the following two perspectives:

(a) Draft the paper as an internal document for consideration within a Government Department. In this case, assume that the audience includes the Head of Unit in the Government Department and a number of other colleagues from other Units. The paper is ultimately intended for agreement by the Management of the Department and will then be forwarded to the Minister for decision and then to issue for public consultation. Your version is a working draft in this process

(b) Draft the paper from the perspective of an advocacy organization (NGO or otherwise) making a submission to a Government Department. In this case, assume the audience includes senior officials in the relevant Government Department, members of the advocacy body, NGOs and public bodies interested in the issue and the media.

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