Assignment on: Critical analysis of a policy document Policy decisions at various levels impacts the life chances, experiences, and abilities of individuals, families, groups, and whole communities. As a social care worker, your practice will be contextualized within a social policy framework as it shapes the nature of services you provide to individuals, families, groups, and communities

Question 1. Critically analyze the document as it impacts on service users and on social care work practices. What is the goal of the policy, what is it sets out to achieve?

Question 2. Problem Conceptualization: How is the social ‘problem’ defined? Summarize the policy description and what person, organization, or group will be impacted

Question 3. Political Ideology Is there evidence of political ideology that underlies the interpretation of the ‘social problem’? Can you see the impact of a wider right or left-wing thinking and can you detail evidence of specific ideologies influencing the policy response. What assumptions are evident about the nature of social relations or populations within society.

Question 4. Welfare State Values Does the document convey any understanding of the welfare values of, universalism, selective, the organization of the Welfare State, privatization or new public management

Question 5. Impact on social care practice How to do the proposed social policies impact on the social care service policies and practices.

Question 6. Policy Alternatives Could the social policy be reformed in any way, are there alternative means for achieving the objectives. Can you make any recommendations on how it could be reformed? National Traveller and Roma Inclusion Strategy 2016-2020 by the Department of Justice and Equality.

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