Questions:-1 You are required to design a training session that demonstrates your theoretical understanding of the concepts and the practical application of the concepts in the design, delivery, and evaluation of training sessions. The session should be at least half a day in duration.
Points to note:
A. Outline suitable training objectives for the proposed training session.
B. Session plan – provide clear evidence of excellent practice in relation to the planing of the session. Account for timings, present the plan in a clear tabular format as well as providing an explanation in words.
C. Demonstrate a very clear understanding of adult learning theory and explain how it underpins the design of the training session.
D. Explain the evaluation and assessment techniques that you have chosen for the training session. Provide a clear rationale for the choices made.
E. Explain the importance of providing constructive feedback and identifying opportunities for future improvement.

Question:-2 A type of self-reflective record of your learning experience, your strengths, and areas for future improvement.
Points to note:
A. Reflect on the role and responsibilities of the trainer and the skills required to be an effective trainer
B. Include a reflection on how you have grown through your participation in the program
C. Critically evaluate your own practice in relation to the delivery of the micro lesson and outline your plans for future improvement.

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