Scenario You have just been hired as the new Director of Human Resources at a mid-sized company of 48 employees. The company’s name is Florida Wireless, which is an authorized agent for Verizon Wireless. Florida Wireless has 5 retail locations throughout Central Florida. The stores are all very busy. Customer wait times are usually very long. Customer satisfaction surveys indicate poor service. Turnover is high for sales/customer service. Even though the stores are busy, store managers are not making the sales objectives set by owners. Store manager turnover is also high with the exception of the 3 family members of the owners. You are tasked with keeping the stores staffed (current recruiting needs are 11 sales/customer service reps and one manager), making sure that government regulations are being followed, and increasing the proficiency of the sales reps. You have discovered there are no job descriptions, no performance appraisals, and no performance standards other than the number of new cell numbers that must be sold each month. Compensation tends to favor family members and it is all over the place. Sales reps have a small base salary plus commission for each number sold. A quick tour of retail locations indicates safety hazards such as over loaded store rooms with trip hazards, no ergonomic considerations, lack of signage, and no safety plan.

You have to create a plan to address the needs of the company that incorporates the required elements of the project. It should be focused on why the owner should invest time and money in your plan. Think of the detailed plan of action as a description of what is going to be done and everything that comes after as an exhibit or appendix item. The “why” of the job description should be in here. The “what,” meaning the actual job description should be in the job description section.

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