Please complete research and analysis on the topic outlined below:

“Critically evaluate the role of technology in the commercial strategy/performance of a multi-national organisation.”

Select one of the following multi-national organisations ( YOUTUBE ) or (AMAZON) or ( NETFLIX) , or you can suggest any multi-national organization that you think best suit the question.

Critically evaluate the role of technology in the commercial strategy/performance of the organisation. (See point 5 below).

SUGGESTED BOOK by lecturer is (SELLING & SALES MANAGEMENT by David Jobber. Geoff Lancaster. 8th or 9th Edition), and the use of any academic books and any journals that have been peer reviewed. Harvard referencing.

(Analyses to include, but not limited to, the following):

How has this company utilised technology to drive growth in sales. Has this been successful? Has it assisted in extending the reach of the brand(s)/organisation?.  Which channels have been leveraged to drive success or otherwise?  Sales performance/data.  Additional growth drivers e.g. sponsorships.

The supporting document should be laid out as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. History of the organisation
  3. Categories of product/services it provides and their global locations.
  4. What sales platforms/channels/routes to market are in place?
  5. Evaluation of the role of technology in the overall commercial strategy of the organisation (see above).

(Include in this section an evaluation of sales performance data).

  1. What major challenges has the company previously faced or what challenges are they likely to face within the current global situation.
  2. Additional growth drivers – (e.g. sponsorships/acquisitions)
  3. Conclusion (to include any further opportunities for commercial growth based on your research/observations.
  4. References

Word count:  3800 – 4200 words

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