University Griffith College Dublin (GCD)
Subject Business Law

Assignment Questions:

(1) Jenny has been working with DAT Limited since 2016 as the Office Manager. She has always been a good employee but over the past 6 months, her performance has declined dramatically. She has been failing to put appointments into calendars, failing to follow up on invoices, and to pay creditors which have always been part of her role.

She has also been missing days at work without reason. Karen is the Head of Operations and Jenny’s boss. Karen is sick of the mistakes that Jenny is making Karen’s sister in law Patricia is an experienced office manager and she would like to hire her to replace Jenny She is intending to meet with Jenny in the next week to dismiss her. Advise Sarah.

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(2) Two weeks ago Evelyn, who is a Sales Accounts Manager with DAT Limited, missed work for two days. Both her children had high temperatures and there was a concern that they had meningitis and they were admitted to the hospital. However, on the evening of the second day that she had taken off the doctor confirmed that they were no longer worried about meningitis as a possible diagnosis.

Evelyn informed her boss John (the Head of Sales) on her return that she was entitled to take the two days off as force majeure leave. Advise John if Evelyn is correct.

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