Question 1:- John was until recently a member of the Dublin chapter of a small religious community known as the Weekend Worshippers. The community maintains a very low public profile and has grown in recent years largely by word of mouth. Persons interested in joining the community must complete a detailed application form, providing their personal details as well as information on their religious, educational and family background. This application is submitted through the local chapter leader to the headquarters of the community which decides on applications and maintains the register of members. Upon being granted membership, John became an enthusiastic member of the Weekend Worshippers, regularly participating in meetings of the Dublin chapter, attending events in different parts of the country, and donating money to the community’s central fund. However, over the last few months, different members of the community – whom John does not know well – have made negative comments to John about his background. When, at a recent chapter meeting, a member expressed regret to John about the breakdown of his marriage (a sensitive subject which John has not discussed with his fellow members), John decided that he had had enough of the Weekend Worshippers and its prying members. John is convinced that many members of the community were familiar with the personal details in his application form and he has now called you for some advice. In particular, please advise John on the following questions:

  1. How can John seek access to any personal data relating to him held by the community?
  2. What information is John entitled to in the event that he makes an access request?
  3. To whom should John address any access request?
  4. Can John have his name removed from the register of members?


Question:-2 “Consent as a lawful basis for processing under the General Data Protection Regulation is marked by continuity as much as change.”

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