University Maynooth University (MU)
Subject Theory to Practice

Section A

Question 1

Critically evaluate TWO of the following social work practice approaches. Please critically compare and contrast, while drawing on practice examples in order to demonstrate and evidence your understanding of their application to practice.

  • Strengths-Based Social Work Practice
  • Solution Focused Practice
  • Systems Theory

Section B

Question 2

  • Macro social work emphasizes the wider contexts and efforts of advocacy, social justice, and public policy.
  • Discuss with reference to relevant literature and using social work practice examples to support your answer.

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Section C

Question 3

  • Reflective practice involves “paying critical attention to the practical values and theories which inform everyday actions, by examining practice reflectively and reflexively”
  • Discuss the theoretical frameworks of reflective practice, while drawing on a reflective model of choice, and its direct application to social work practice.

Section D

Question 4

Critically appraise the role of the social worker in contemporary practice in Ireland with respect to the evolution of practice, as influenced by:

  • inter-cultural dependency,
  • globalization
  • professional regulation.

Draw on specific areas of social work practice to support your critical discussion.

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