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Project Essay 3000 words Choose one of the following

1) Piaget’s cognitive development theory places primary emphasis on the acquisition of cognitive thought processes. He gained insight into the development of cognitive structures through careful observation of infants and children. Outline Piaget’s theory paying particular attention to the various stages and the theory’s overall strengths and limitations.

2] Human development occurs in defined & qualitatively different stages that are sequential & may be universal. Individual stages of development include specific tasks to be completed & crises to be managed. Discuss the above statement using any 2 theorists covered in the module

3] In each stage, Erikson believed people experience a conflict that serves as a turning point in development. In Erikson’s view, these conflicts are centered on either developing a psychological quality or failing to develop that quality. During these times, the potential for personal growth is high, but so is the potential for failure. Outline Erikson’s theory paying particular attention to the concept of crisis resolution.

4] Evidence suggests that family environments constitute the basic ecology where children’s behaviour is manifested, learned, encouraged, and suppressed . Dishion, T.J.; Patterson 2006. Explain the possible impact of parenting styles on the development of children and adolescents.

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