The main purpose of this assignment is to practice strategy formulation and communication, from the point of view of a top manager in an organization. You will have to choose one of the case studies offered on Moodle and assume the role of the company’s CEO. In this role, you are asked to:

Question:  Write a brief strategic memo to the board of directors, describing the following:
1. New proposed stretegy and its expected outcomes
2. Risks associated with a current strategy which require the change of direction
3. Main changes that will happen in the organization
4. Stages of implementation for the new proposed strategy
5. Key people responsible for the strategic change
6. One action that you need the board of directors to take to facilitate the change

Questions:  Taking the stance of a top manager who will have to deal with the implementation of proposed strategic changes, write a brief internally-oriented reflection to accompany the strategic memo, in which you:

1. Provide a candid account of potential challenges of the new strategy”s implementation
2. Suggest reasonable ways to overcome these challenges
3. Support your suggestions with theory and evidence discussed in class

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