University Cornell University (CU)
Subject SLN513: How to Build a Strategic Plan for Your Healthcare Organization

“How to Build a Strategic Plan for Your Healthcare Organization” Course Project

Part One: Collect Surveys and Define Themes

Surveying the people in your organization provides insight into the goals you need to consider finalizing at your strategic planning retreat. Each person and each department has a unique view of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Survey responses are a way to add to the data you’ve already gathered and gain a diversity of perspectives before you walk into your retreat. This part of the project asks you to practice sending out survey questions and identifying themes in those questions.


Send the following two survey questions to 12 people in your department or organization.


  1. What should our organization be doing in the next 12 months to improve internally and in the healthcare market?
  2. What does our organization provide patients that are unique compared to our competition?

Once you receive the responses, use the space below to reflect on the following two questions:

  1. Can you spot any themes in the responses?
  2. Do you see any similarities in analyzing the survey responses compared to performing a Porter’s Five Forces/BCG/SWOT analysis?
Survey and Theme Reflection
Based on my survey findings…

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Part Two: Write and Prioritize Goals & Create Your Action Plan

The three-step process of conducting a strategic planning retreat encourages a workflow that addresses the needs of your organization across all its stakeholders. It prioritizes those needs by uncovering what goals your organization should work toward first, following up with those goals by establishing a scheduled workflow for each person, department, or group that will be a part of creating the deliverables needed to meet those goals after your retreat. This part of your course project encourages you to apply these strategies of goalsetting, prioritization and planning to your own organization.


  1. Save this course project document, if you haven’t already.
  2. Complete the sections of Part Two.
  3. Save your work.
  4. Submit the entire project at the end of the course by the deadline for full credit.

Write Useful Goals

Write three actual or hypothetical strategic goals for your organization, and enter them in the space provided. Refer to Writing Useful Goals for pointers.


Calculate a Weighted Score

Using the table below, calculate the weighted score for each goal. Identify the highest-priority goal.


1. Download the Weighted Scoring Model document and open it in Microsoft Excel.

2. In the Criteria column, enter the 5 variables or criteria that your group has decided are important.

  • In the Weight column, assign percentage weight to each criterion.
  • Make sure the weights add up to 100%.In the Excel worksheet that opens, fill in the cells according to the directions below.
  • Assign a numeric score to each criterion in the Goal 1 column. Do the same for Goal 2 and Goal 3 columns.
  • As you enter each score, each goal’s weighted score for each criterion appears in the column to the right of its numeric score.

List Goals in Order of Weighted Scores

Use your results from the Weighted Scoring Model file to list your three goals again, this time in order from highest to lowest total weighted score.


Create an Action Plan

Complete an Action Plan Grid for your highest-priority goal.

NumberTaskResponsible PartyStart DateDeadlineDeliverablesResources Required% Completed
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