Table Of Contents

1. The report

a. Introduction

b. Body

c. Conclusion

2. References and Appendices Assignment detail ‘Appraisal of performance is likely to take place on a daily basis, often very informally….however, the establishment of the formal appraisal system is a necessary prerequisite to effective performance management….’ (Gunnigle et al., 2002). Carry out a critical evaluation of both the informal and formal employee performance appraisal and performance review processes and activities within an organization with which you are familiar.

Consider in your evaluation both individual and team performance perspectives. Make recommendations for improvement and consider their implications.

The aim of the assignment is to apply the course material in practice by critically reviewing the organization’s current practice in the area of managing performance, and making recommendations.

Your assignment should incorporate Critical analysis and evaluation of the current situation. (50 marks)

  • Recommendations that consider the implications of their implementation. (30 marks)
  • A summary and conclusions, which show evidence of critical thinking. (20 marks)

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